Media: from Bobo to Tao Tao, Zhou Libo finally became Marysu.

Media: from Bobo to Tao Tao, Zhou Libo finally became Marysu.

Original title: from Bobo to Tao Tao, Zhou Libo finally became Marysu.

After experiencing the "Long Island storm", Zhou Libo chose a high profile to return to the audience's vision. But this time, instead of standing on stage, he sat in front of the media cameras and repeated his one-and-a-half-year "magic" experience.

After watching the complex human nature, will the audience still believe him? This is no longer important for Zhou Libo who is guilty.

Zhou Libo, standing on the waves, has the luck that ordinary people can not understand. Whether he had taken care of him, or today's "XX," he did not hesitate to say, even if it came again, it would help Zhou Libo, even if it was a crime for him.

In 2010, Zhou Libo and Hu Jie held a grand "public welfare wedding" at the Shangri-La hotel in Shanghai. The wedding set up 80 tables and invited nearly 700 guests. The guests gathered all the stars in the entertainment circle of the political business world, and the Zhou Libo and his wife were not two in the media.

At the wedding, after Zhou Libo and his wife came out, Cui Yongyuan was invited to the stage as a guest. After two teasing with Zhou Libo, Cui Yongyuan suddenly said, "I've been in a lot of weddings, but in a charitable coat, this is the only one."

Zhou Libo didn't expect Cui Yongyuan to come in such a sudden way. But he responded quickly, saying, "We are not only charitable, we take off our underwear, we are charitable too."

Zhou Libo looked embarrassed, but still smiled with exaggeration. Cui Yongyuan did not stop, and he continued to make fun of Zhou Libo and his wife on the stage - he described Zhou Libo as "a good man from the bad man" and said that Hu's marriage to him was "a moment of confusion."

The words of Xiao Cui may sound more than undue slots in the mind. "From the bad to a good man", is it not the black history of the past Zhou Libo, who had been in prison for beating his former father-in-law, and had been helping his partners to turn off the sky, and his ex-wife's history of drug abuse, and so on?

And in the face of a series of such ridicules, Zhou Libo used an awkward but polite smile, repeatedly said, "Over.

In Cui Yongyuan's tongue tucking, the most toxic may be this: "I admire your mother most, and I don't know how she nurture you without the help of the police."

Seven years later, with the help of police in Long Island, the mysteries of guns, drugs and back-stabbing on Zhou Libo's car were exposed.

"Opinion leader" Zhou Libo

Once someone asked Li's birthday on micro-blog. "The Congress" could ask Zhou Libo and Guo Degang to join each other.

Li Dan replied that he would like to ask the two people to join the conference, but also that Zhou Libo should not agree to the program.

If Zhou Libo really goes to the Congress, it is estimated that heat is absolutely phenomenal. To Zhou Libo, old netizens have too much to spit up. The netizens want to see Zhou Libo and Guo Degang at the same time, from Zhou Libo's famous "coffee garlic theory".

When Zhou Libo asked the reporter "whether he would play with Guo Degang on the same stage", he threw "one is eating garlic, one is drinking coffee". Netizens do not understand - can your Zhou Libo's stuff go up to "coffee"?

In addition, Zhou Libo "Spring Festival evening is the view of the peasants", "the cross - coats that say cross - coats fall out", "wear Han clothes out will be mistaken from the bathing center" and other comments, all aroused the various fields of different circles of Internet users of the reaction.

In the mockery of netizens, Zhou Libo seemed to have become a clown that did not read the book much, or a sudden outburst who suddenly didn't know how to fire. The comment by columnist Wang Xiaoshan may well represent the opinions of the netizens: "Zhou Libo's character and intelligence quotient are all problematic, reading too little and surfing the Internet inexperienced."

In Zhou Libo's view, these netizens are all "Omni" and "mob" - he said, "if the government takes the public opinion seriously, it is a kind of 'self - Palace' behavior." "The network is a place to vent" private manure ", when the" private manure "reaches a certain amount, it will become" public manure ", then the network is the actual meaning of the public toilet! Everyone will be free to pull. "

In his spare time, Zhou Libo even swears with netizens. The most intense one time even let Zhou Libo evaporate 200 thousand fans overnight.

Zhou Libo's tone on micro-blog has also been criticized by the mainstream media.

In 2010, when Zhou Libo's remarks were very hot at micro-blog, the people's daily commented: "in the short term, on television, blogs and micro-blog, some public figures are 'not surprisingly dead' or 'exposed' to others' private remarks, in the dark 'of others against their own height; or by themselves. Supported by social prestige, he brazenly labeled other people with alien hats; and even "took off his suit" and abused his netizens. At that time, many media and netizens believed that this was a dark approval of Zhou Libo.

In the face of the "coffee garlic theory", Guo Degang made a response in a cross talk, "you want elegance" in a certain way: "elegance and vulgarity can not be separated, drinking coffee and garlic, autumn water for a long time."

There was a pungent line in Guo Degang's crosstalk - "many elegant people, (even) I could smell the scum from the perfume," and incably satire Zhou Libo.

In addition to Guo Degang, Zhou Libo is a "scum" colleague and Wang Zi Jian.

A talk show, Wang Zijian said such a paragraph: "a little friend of Shanghai called Bobo, one day Bobo dressed the suit and leather shoes, combed the road, with watermelons, tomatoes, strawberries on the road, when crossing the road, a car came over, crushed the watermelon. Bobo pointed to the body of the watermelon: haha, watermelon juice; another road, crushed the tomato, Bobo pointed to the tomato corpse: haha, tomato sauce; another intersection, a car came, crushed the Bobo. Strawberry pointed at the corpse of Bobo: "ha ha, scum!"

In addition to netizens and peers, Zhou Libo, who seems to have nothing to do with him, will offend them unpolitely. When the "rally number" was hit, he laughed at Feng Xiaogang's appearance on the talk show. After the release of "Thai embarrassing", he also sent micro-blog's insinuate to Xu Zheng, "you play the pig very much, acting very embarrassed".

So if Zhou Libo really wants to get to the Congress, I'm afraid the audience will have to give the seat to the guest.

"Mad man" Zhou Libo

In 1981, Shanghai's farce was also very popular. Shanghai people are addicted to farce, and can even schedule an overnight team to watch a farce.

There are many more people who like to read, and children who want to learn more. Zhou Libo, 14, is one of them. At that time, the Shanghai Comic Troupe wanted to select 16 apprentices in 2800 children who had come to sign up. The chief examiner of Zhou Libo was acting as the star of "the true story of Ah Q", Yan Shunkai.

The question he gave to Zhou Libo was "Mama bought a color TV." "Does the color TV look good?" Zhou Libo replied, "it's very nice!" Yan Shunkai asked again, "how do you look good?" Zhou Libo replied, "black and white!"

Yan Shunkai thought it was a little bit interesting -- color TV was black and white. So he asked again, "how does the color TV get black and white?" Zhou Libo found that he had made a mistake, but his mind was spinning fast. He immediately replied, "let's play the black and white movie today!"

Yan Shunkai was laughed at. He felt the child's reaction was quick and his speech was interesting. Although the enrollment age was strictly limited to 15 to 20 years old, Zhou Libochai was only 15 years old after three months, but he was still broken admission.

After entering the theatrical troupe, Zhou Libo's arrogance has begun to emerge.

Zhou Libo's conceit is reflected in two things: first, he did not have the same ceremony as other colleagues; second, after he was 19 years old in Shanghai, he accepted the manuscripts of the newspaper and wrote an article named Zhou Libo, the master of Zhou Libo. The meaning of the article is probably that he learned these formulas only by "learning from others" himself, not by the teachers.

Yan Shunkai looked at the article and criticized Zhou Libo, "your child, what you want to do, do not control your consciousness, one day or another it will be caught in one day."

Yan Shunkai's words did not expect a prophecy later.

Zhou Libo, 23, fell in love with Zhang Jie (Zhou Libo's ex-wife) with a Comic Troupe, but Zhang Jie's father did not like Zhou Libo, and of course he wouldn't agree with his daughter to go on with him. So in a communication, Zhou Libo and the former father-in-law had a physical conflict, and hurt his eyes, so he was sentenced to 205 days in prison.

Nevertheless, after Zhou Libo was released from prison, Zhang Jie married him under pressure. What she did not expect was that the marriage that had been exchanged with her father's eyes lasted for only two years.

Zhou Libo "plays" Zhou Libo

Zhou Libo returned to the stage after he was released from prison. But in the course of doing business, Zhou not only divorced his first wife, but also paid millions of dollars. Finally, he went around hiding his debts and hiding in Japan.

Zhou Libo, a famous Peking Opera actor, pulled Guan Dongtian out of the bottom of his life. At the end of 2006, with the guarantee and support of Guan Dongtian, Zhou Libo returned to the stage as the founder of "Haipai Qingkou".

"Haipai Qingkou" actually has many difficulties, but Guan Dongtian helped Zhou Libo get everything done before and after. Zhou Libo did not have a partner, Guan Dong Tian from his identity, to Zhou Libo as the announcer. Without a registered company, Guan Dong Tian looked for old friend Sun Xuchun for help.

According to Sun Xuchun, Guan Dongtian, who never drank alcohol, drank three glasses of wine in succession and vomited in the washbasin for help that day.

In the first performance after Zhou Libo's comeback, Guan Dongtian also mobilized his friends around him to cheer him on and buy all the tickets.

The story behind is all known. Zhou Libo exploded in 2008 with the sea school's clear mouth, followed by the "one Zhou Libo show", "China dream show", "China's Got Talent" and other programs.

It can be said that let Zhou Libo rise and fall, and bring back to life, it is Guan Dong Tian. Zhou Libo said to Guan Dongtian a very sentimental saying: "the second spring of my art is what you gave me, so I gave you a reason to hurt me and the reason that I could hurt me all my life."

However, the voice did not fall, and Zhou Libo turned back and went to court with Guan Dong Tian. The real reason for the two people's breaking up is that two people have so far kept taboo about it, only Zhou Libo's "ten" to the media.

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