A lot of dialogue, CEO Huang Zheng: platform Shanzhai is more serious than fake.

A lot of dialogue, CEO Huang Zheng: platform Shanzhai is more serious than fake.

Sina Technology News July 31st evening news, many more deeply trapped in the "cottage" public opinion whirlpool. This afternoon, Jordan Dada, the co-founder of the company, responded to a host of questions. Later, CEO Huang Emei responded to the hot issues. Huang said that negative news had no effect on sales, and it might have improved because the attention was significantly improved.

Talk about SKYWORTH incident: suddenly, I hope to continue to cooperate.

In July 28th, SKYWORTH group issued a solemn statement, saying that a large number of counterfeit SKYWORTH brand TV products were sold in the near future, seriously violating the rights and interests of consumers and SKYWORTH brands, indicating that they were dealing with more and more hard to stop the sales of related products.

Huang Zheng said, from this point of view, the other side has opened a lot of flagship shop, proving that both sides are willing to cooperate, but the other side suddenly closed the shop, this matter is very sudden, must be some deep things. In the future, we are willing to cooperate with each other, but first we need to figure out where the problem lies.

Talk about negative news: no impact on sales, but promoted.

In view of the outside concern, Huang said, in the next month, to launch a solution to the white electricity Shanzhai. "The initial idea is to make these categories, for example, how to do electrical appliances and how to do the milk powder."

In addition, Huang revealed that the negative news has no impact on sales and may have increased, because the attention is obviously high, but the proportion of customer complaints is also higher.

In addition, he also admitted that at present platform Shanzhai is more serious than fake products, which is not good enough. "If we really define the amount of fake goods, it is certainly smaller than the media imagined, because this is the quantity of customers."

Tencent relations: mutual complementarity and common interests

Huang said that the cooperation and relations with the Tencent have become better since they have been listed on the market, because the interests of both sides are common. "In the Tencent environment, there was no real commodity before, and a lot of it was a real commodity." All these are needed by Tencent. They need good content. From this point of view, our interests are consistent.

Talk about "touch porcelain" brand: encourage self created keywords, can support

On the problem of some manufacturers' rubbing up the regular brand, Huang said he did not encourage the manufacturers to rub up the key words, but encouraged to create their own keywords. "Even if I turn off the search keywords, this does not solve the essential problem, and we have to give them confidence." If there are difficulties, we will be willing to support and upgrade industries. " (Han Dapeng)

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