The vice governor personally invested thousands of yuan to find out who broke the news.

The vice governor personally invested thousands of yuan to find out who broke the news.

Original title: Vice Governor of Qinghai, chief of public security invested 1000 yuan, to encourage supervision and report of the revelers

In July 31st, "Xining Evening News" published "hang!" Chinese and Pakistani drivers play mobile phones while driving, and the new media released in July 30th "terrible!" From Xining to the Tong De passenger train, the driver kept playing with the mobile phone, which caused the great attention of the public, and also caused the high attention of the public security organs. Wang Zhengsheng, deputy governor and director of the provincial public security hall, immediately asked the provincial police general team to formulate relevant rewards for reporting harm to public safety, and personally contributed 1000 yuan to the newspaper to search for video blowers and to reward them, hoping that the net friend should contact the newspaper in time.

The evening paper reports the attention of the deputy governor

In July 30th, "Xining Evening News" released by the new media "terrible! Xining to the German passenger traffic on the bus, the driver kept playing mobile phone "after a text caused the great concern of the vast number of netizens, within a few hours, reading nearly twenty thousand times.

At 23 o'clock on the same day, Wang Zhengsheng, vice governor of the provincial public security hall, was informed of the incident by the new media of our newspaper, and asked the traffic police immediately if there was any incentive for the public to burst out this kind of clue, and that the personal contribution to the incident was awarded by 1000 yuan. The material person. Subsequently, Wang Zhengsheng asked the traffic police corps to take the lead in formulating and promulgating relevant incentives for citizens who are enthusiastic about reporting acts endangering public safety as soon as possible.

Here, please "hang!" Chinese and Pakistani drivers play mobile phones while driving. "Terrible! On the passenger train from Xining to Tongde, the driver kept playing with his mobile phone. The video leakers in the report contacted Xining Evening News as soon as possible.

Contact: 0971824400018609717810.

The driver of the matter is blacklisted

In July 31st, the Political Department of the provincial public security department and the traffic police headquarters held a special meeting for the first time to study the problems related to the deployment of the incident, and decided to communicate jointly with the transport management department on the basis of 200 yuan punishment and 2 points penalty for the police officer of the Public Security Bureau of the County Public Security Bureau. According to the video evidence, the Hainan state transportation office is responsible for further penalties for passenger transport enterprises and drivers: in accordance with the regulations on the management of road passenger transport and passenger stations and the regulations of the road transport, one is to punish the safety managers of the enterprise. Two is to revoke the employees' employees according to the relevant regulations. Qualification certificate; Third, the enterprise and the driver concerned to terminate the labor contract; Fourth, the driver involved in the blacklist, three years may not be engaged in business.

4948 violations of safe driving are punished.

In response to this incident, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the traffic police officers said that the incident will be the opportunity to further increase the driver's awareness of driving safety education, and further joint relevant departments to increase the punishment of illegal behavior responsible persons to prevent safety driving, will be together with the relevant departments as soon as possible to formulate the issue. The relevant rewards for timely reporting of public security acts against public safety are reported, and we sincerely hope that the masses will report the illegal acts that impede safety driving through various ways. The police department will punish the offenders and reward the offenders after verification.

It is understood that since January 1, 2017, the public security organs of our province have corrected 4948 illegal acts that impede safe driving, such as calling and answering handheld phones. In December 31, 2015, the police headquarters of the provincial public security department carried out a report on the traffic illegal clapshots. At present, by verifying the content of the report, nearly 500 whistleblowers were given a reward.

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It's awful! On the bus from Xining to Tong De, the driver kept playing with his cell phone.

On the morning of July 30th, a video of a Chinese bus driver playing a cell phone while driving was recorded on the Internet by a micro friend.

Microfriends said that the passenger car was sent from Xining to Tong De, from the ninggui Expressway to the tunnel of La ridge. The driver was playing on the mobile phone. It was really a sweat for the safety of a passenger car.

On the freeway, the speed of the vehicle is fast, and the driver's attention is not concentrated. There may be unexpected danger. The driver of the Chinese bus driver drove by his cell phone. Video shows that the vehicle has been driving, and the speed is very fast. The driver uses two elbows to control the steering wheel, make up the right hand to play the mobile phone, and then hold the steering wheel with the left hand, the right hand does not stop to brush the frequency, but still look up the road ahead, it can be described as driving and playing mobile phone two.

"The video is frightening, not to mention the passengers on the bus." Little friend @ hadron thought, the bus driver estimated that in playing with WeChat, there was no security awareness, and the life of others was a play; a small friend @ cheesy life thought that as a driver, we must have good professional ethics, set up a safe sense of safety, see the passengers as God, not the safety of the play, should let the driver get off. And then the police provide the video to give him the punishment they deserve; @ @ cgous believes that we want to be able to expose and follow up the results in the media to punish more people. Many netizens believe that in order to protect the lives of passengers, this serious violation of driving safety operating standards of dangerous behavior, must be completely eliminated.

After receiving the reflection, the reporter first contacted the head of Hainan Tong De automobile transportation limited liability company to understand the situation, and forwarded the video to the company's responsible person. The responsible person said that the video vehicle belonged to the Tong De county transport company, the driver was the driver of the green E11202 bus driver, XXX, from the micro Friends provided video and backstage installation monitoring, the driver does exist in the case of driving the illegal situation, to this end they have reported the problems to the Hainan state transport service and provincial transport administration.

As of the press, he received feedback from Tong De automobile transportation limited liability company. The company has made a penalty of one month and fined 1000 yuan to the left XXX, and the police brigade of Germany county made a penalty of 200 yuan and 2 points for the left XXX.

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