Tens of millions of families will receive the national honor before next year.

Tens of millions of families will receive the national honor before next year.

Original title: next year's May 1, tens of millions of families will receive this national honor!

Source: Beijing daily

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which has been listed for 107 days, held its first press conference in the Information Office of the State Council today (July 31).

Sun Shaocheng, Vice Minister of military affairs, vice minister Qian Feng, assistant director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and vice minister of Veterans Affairs, Fang Yongxiang, introduced the work progress and relevant policy measures of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and answered reporters.


107 days after the establishment, the new Department has done five important things.

What has been done by the Veterans Affairs Department for more than three months?

Sun Shaocheng introduced that in March 20th of this year, after the closing of the National People's Congress meeting, he started a new Ministry with 1 key members, 1 secretaries and 2 administrators, with 4 comrades, and 3 other leaders in a small reception.

The establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core. In the past 3 months, various aspects of work have been carried out in an orderly way.

First, we should pay more attention to the top level design. The major problems involved in the service management of veterans are deeply analyzed and studied. 13 theoretical topics are set up to carry out a centralized study, to comprehensively evaluate and evaluate all the policies and regulations concerning retired servicemen since the founding of the people's Republic of China, to draw up the drafting of the "military support law" and "suggestions on strengthening the work of the new age veterans", and to build a good job of decommissioning. The "four beams and eight pillars" of the whole train of thought of the military work.

The two is to make full use of the problem solving. On the basis of the supervision and promotion of the local settlement, we will work with the 12 departments of military and land to improve the quality of the resettlement of servicemen, to support employment and entrepreneurship, to suspend the glory cards and to raise the standard of pension subsidies, on the basis of the policy on the basis of the implementation of the policy on the basis of the implementation of the policy on the basis of the implementation of the policy on the basis of the implementation of the policy. Old and medical care and other worries, transfer and resettlement of the wounded and disabled soldiers, balance the treatment of preferential treatment, enrich the content of social treatment, strengthen ideological and political work, and other policies, are being studied and formulated. With the relevant departments to jointly convene the experience exchange of veterans work experience and promote the experience of Hebei and other places, the State Council has also held a special meeting to deploy the service for the service of veterans.

Three is the solid promotion of the annual business work. Serving the officers and men is also an important responsibility of our department. Through consultation with the troops, the annual resettlement plan for military transfer cadres, retired soldiers, demobilized cadres, retired cadres and retired officers, wounded and disabled soldiers, and the deployment of the receiving and resettlement work have been made. All more than 120 central enterprises will be included in the annual resettlement plan for retired soldiers. The Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance raised the standard of pension assistance for key and preferential treatment subjects, with an average increase of 10%.

The four is to strengthen the typical propaganda. Wang Mingli, a single legged hero who led the masses to get rich, and a group of outstanding veterans, such as Zhang Dongtang, an old soldier in the village, was given a good atmosphere of caring and respecting the veterans in the whole society by telling the stories of veterans and setting up a good image.

The five is to promote the protection of the rights and interests. In the case of not fully equipped with the conditions of reception, second days will begin to visit, set up a special work class, systematically comb all kinds of object demands, put forward measures by class research, and urge local implementation of the policy.


The start - up of the law on the protection of Veterans

Let the servicemen become the vocation of the whole society

A reporter asked about the objectives and positioning of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sun Shaocheng said that the work goal of the Department of Veterans Affairs was determined to make efforts to satisfy the veterans and other preferential targets, to make them a social respect, and to make the servicemen a profession respected by the whole society.

In order to achieve this goal, the Ministry has initiated the formulation of the law on the protection of veterans (Draft) and drafted the opinion on the strengthening of the work of veterans in the new era. Through these two large documents, seven work systems are gradually established and perfected: policies and regulations, treatment guarantee, preferential treatment, reception and resettlement, service management, work operation, supervision and inspection. Through these seven systems, we will gradually build up the "four pillars and eight pillars" of the retired servicemen's work.


The new deal will be put into effect tomorrow

The resettlement of 80 thousand retired military officers and 40 thousand retired soldiers this year

The resettlement of ex servicemen has always been a difficult problem. What new initiatives will the media pay attention to the Department of Veterans Affairs?

According to Sun Shaocheng, after consultation with the army, the Department of military retired affairs reached the annual resettlement plan for military transfer cadres, retired soldiers, demobilized cadres, military retired cadres and retired sergeants, wounded and disabled soldiers, and made deployment to the reception and resettlement work. All more than 120 central enterprises will be included in the annual resettlement plan for retired soldiers. The Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance raised the standard of pension assistance for key and preferential treatment subjects, with an average increase of 10%.

Sun Shaocheng also said that this year to ensure the completion of more than 80 thousand cadres and nearly 40 thousand retired soldiers positions, there are more than 2 thousand demobilized cadres, more than 7 thousand army cadres, as well as some of the wounded and disabled, should be received and resettled. In addition to the above personnel, there are about 400000 independent cadres and independent employment veterans each year. They also need employment. Although the government does not help to arrange specific jobs, they have to support them through some preferential policies.

Fang Yongxiang pointed out that the Department's recent study on Further Strengthening the employment and resettlement of retired soldiers by the government was carried out tomorrow (August 1st).

The "opinion" includes four bright spots:

1. Strengthen the implementation of rigid indicators and make it clear that the proportion of retired soldiers who meet the conditions for placement by the government should not be less than 80%. In addition, 5% of the total number of staff recruited by the state-owned enterprises should be clearly allocated to the retired soldiers who are in line with the government's work.

Two, to improve the overall arrangement of the hierarchy, in the past, the task of arranging the tasks of the county is to be resettled by the city. This document stipulates that it is difficult at the municipal level to co-ordinate the resources from the provincial level and implement the resettlement.

Three, protect the relevant treatment according to law. This is reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, during the period of resettlement, the living allowance should be issued month by month according to the local minimum wage standard of the previous year; on the other hand, after the resettlement, the reasons for non personal reasons are not arranged, from the month of the letter of introduction, according to the standard of not less than 80% of the average salary of the same condition of the unit. Pay the cost of life until you get on the job.

Four, the two risks during the continuation of the arrangement, in the period of the state prescribed work to be arranged, by the local finance to pay the units directly to pay the basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance units to pay part, to solve the problem of two risks in the period of the arrangement.


There will be new measures for the employment of retired servicemen

Give special preferential treatment

Qian Feng, in response to a reporter's question, said that at present there are one hundred thousand veterans retiring back to the place each year, some need the government to work, and most of them need their own employment, so employment and entrepreneurship work is very important for the veterans. Recently, we have begun drafting the Opinions on Promoting the Employment and Entrepreneurship of Retired Soldiers in the New Era. The new initiatives are fully reflected in this document.

First, employment and entrepreneurship policy is the first priority. The ex servicemen will give special preferential treatment to them on the basis of the support policies and public services of universal benefit employment and entrepreneurship.

Two is a special emphasis on the promotion of the employability of retired servicemen, and the provision of life-long vocational training for retired servicemen, which was previously limited to a period after retirement.

The three is to strengthen employment support, appropriately relax the conditions for the recruitment of retired servicemen in institutions and enterprises and institutions, set up a certain number of posts for grass-roots civil servants, recruit veterans, and also put forward a list of Posts suitable for the employment of retired servicemen, and the enterprises and institutions receiving retired servicemen enjoy certain conditions. Preferential tax policy.

Four, we should optimize the entrepreneurial environment, encourage social capital to set up a venture capital fund for ex servicemen, and expand the channels for financial support. Fifth, improve the service system, to build a retired military employment and entrepreneurship service information platform, full use of large data to provide accurate services.


The visit begins in second days.

Will speed up the opening of the online petition system

According to reports, since the establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs on April 16, the second day began to receive visits, more than 100 days have received more than 20,000 visits.

Fang Yongxiang introduced the problem in five aspects: the implementation of the policy of resettlement, the identification of identity, the problem of the standard of the preferential treatment, the problems of the special difficulties in life, and some of the problems involved in the lawsuit involving the law.

When carrying out letters and visits, the Ministry of conduct deals mainly with classification, analysis and summarization, and then puts forward specific handling suggestions. Every day, different types of combing, basically do not implement or implement the policy is not good, to urge the local need to correct, to implement; to reflect the difficulties of life, guidance to the local government to carry out a personalized solution. It has specially convened a meeting of letters and visits, clearly specified the requirements of the exchange, and let the various places be carried out orderly. At the same time, the working group was sent to the places where the problems were concentrated, and the problem was solved.

Next, letters and visits will do the following four aspects:

First, to accelerate the opening of the online letter and visit system, has been pushing forward and striving to complete it as soon as possible, so as to let the veterans run less, let the information run and improve the efficiency of the letter and visit.

Second, we should strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen supervision and management of letters and visits, including the implementation of relevant policies, and improve the ability to solve problems and implement policies.

Three, we should combing the opinions and suggestions comprehensively, and integrate good and constructive elements into policies and legislation.

Four, we should improve rules, procedures and specific measures to improve the effectiveness of handling according to law and petition according to law.


Expand the scope of glory suspension

Next year before May 1, we will hang the glory for tens of millions of military families.

Sun Shaozheng introduced the work to be done well at present, one of which included hanging honorable cards for the families of military, military and veterans. Before next year, we will hang tens of thousands of Veterans' families and families with preferential treatment.

Qian Feng pointed out that although the brand is small, its weight is very heavy. In order to enhance the sense of honor and honor of servicemen, the Department has made some institutionalized designs.

Specific implementation measures:

1. Expand the range of suspension. It was mainly for the families of conscripts and the glory of the elite. Most provinces and municipalities did the same. The next step is to extend the whole family to the military and military families.

Two, standard style. There were 5 or 6 styles in the past, and all kinds of names were available. Now, we should standardize and unify a piece of "glorious house", which is designed and supervised by the Veterans Affairs Department.

Three, there should be a sense of ritual. When hanging, we must hold a ceremonious and vigorous ceremony.

Four, establish the exit mechanism. Hanging objects and their family members are subject to criminal penalties or security.

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