Beijing South Railway Station line 4 extends to 0:10 and ends up working late.

Beijing South Railway Station line 4 extends to 0:10 and ends up working late.

Original title: good news! Beijing South Railway Station line 4 is the latest subway to leave work until 0:10.

Source: Beijing daily

The Beijing daily (ID:Beijing_Daily) reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Committee that, in order to guarantee the night traffic connection of the passenger transport hub, and on the basis of ensuring the safety of the rail traffic operation, the railway transportation unit has once again optimized the operation process of setting up the maintenance and construction operation for the night operation equipment of line 4. Construction work time, improve the passenger organization plan.

Since August 3, 2018, rail transit line 4 has extended its operation time again. The passenger traffic is large every Friday, day and major activities, holiday return and emergency transportation guarantee. The rail transit line 4 line (from Beijing South Railway Station to QiaoBei Railway Station) is based on the original extended operation time of 30 minutes. A further extension of 25 minutes, a total of 55 minutes (from 23:15 to 00:10 the next day), will make Beijing the latest subway to leave work.

The running time of the downlink train is constant. During the extended operation period, there are 4 passengers on the line 4, and the running interval is 10-15 minutes.

Rail transit has been guaranteeing the night traffic connection of passenger transport hub by means of prolonging the operation time and opening the train. Since October 14, 2016, the operation time of the rail transit line 4 from Beijing South Railway Station to the QiaoBei Railway Station was carried out every Friday, day and emergency transportation guarantee. Extend for 30 minutes. In addition, in the Spring Festival and "eleven" holidays, the passenger flow peak period, through the Beijing Railway Station, the Beijing West Railway Station No. 2, line 9, line 4, and other lines to take an early start, the first train before the first train and the last train to open the train to provide emergency support for the railway passengers.

According to the introduction, Beijing urban rail transportation is carrying tens of millions of passenger traffic daily, the stability and reliability of vehicles and other equipment is the basis for ensuring the safety of operation, and construction maintenance work is the basic to ensure the safety of equipment operation. Because the rail transit line is not designed and built according to the 24 hour operation, the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle and other equipment are carried out in the non operating time, which is very important to the operation safety of the next day.

The construction includes inspection of operation equipment, inspection and maintenance of lines, and renovation projects. For example, there are about 50 professional construction of track, signal and power supply after the daily outage of line 4, and more than 200 maintenance and maintenance personnel are invested, and the construction of the main line is about 70% of the total construction. In order to ensure the night traffic connection of railway passenger transport hub, the operation unit of rail transit will dig deep, optimize the maintenance and construction process of equipment and facilities at night, reduce the construction time to the maximum, and prolong the operation time.

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