Astronomers first detected radioactive elements in the universe.

Astronomers first detected radioactive elements in the universe.

Xinhua news agency, Berlin, July 30, an international research team, 30, said that they were the first to detect a radioactive molecule in the universe, and this molecule may be "splashed" into interstellar space because of the collision of two stars.  

The researchers reported on the British journal Nature astronomy on the day that the radioactive molecule was aluminum fluoride, including aluminum - 26, a radioactive isotope of aluminum. Their two millimeter wave telescopes, located in Chile and France, with the help of ALMA and NOEMA, found that the radioactive molecules could be entered into interstellar space by the collision of two stars.  

In the Galactic foxes, about 2000 light years from the earth, two stars have exploded by collision and then merged to form a new star CK Vul. In 1670, this phenomenon was observed on the earth. In the eyes of the observers at that time, a bright red star appeared in the sky.  

A new study published in this study found that there is a unique spectral character in the "ruins" around CK Vul, the aluminum fluoride containing "Al - 26". Researchers believe this suggests that radioisotopes formed in the dense inner layers of stars can be thrown into interstellar space by star collisions.  

Researchers say that the discovery of "aluminum 26" helps people better understand the merging process of stars. Moreover, although humans have long known that there is a large amount of "Al-26" in the Milky Way, they do not know its origin but only its existence. For the first time, the new research directly found the source of "aluminum 26", which is very important for understanding the chemical evolution of the galaxy. (finish)

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