Women find 4 cameras garden after changing clothes.

Women find 4 cameras garden after changing clothes.

Original title: hot spot change clothes, women found four cameras! The garden party has responded so that the netizens have quarreled

Wuhan East Lake ocean paradise has set up several HD cameras in the storage room of the female guest area.

The park has written a "Do Not Change Here" sign in the area and broadcasts it on a radio loop asking female visitors not to change their clothes in the storage room.

However, there are still many young tourists here to change their clothes, so that the camera is taken right.

In July 28th, the responsible person of the garden side said that the picture captured by the camera would never go out. The privacy of women tourists will not be violated.

Install a camera to prevent thieves from stealing

Ms. Liu Xi, the person in charge of Wuhan East Lake Marine Paradise, said that the camera in the storage room was installed in accordance with the requirements of the public security organs.

In June 21st, after inspecting the water world by the police of the East Lake scenic area police station, the garden party asked the garden party to put a camera in its storage room in five working days to prevent thieves from stealing.

The garden immediately installed 4 cameras as required, and posted a sign "do not dress here" in many places to prevent visitors from being used as a dressing room.

Liu Xi said that the storage room is the place where the visitors are used to store clothes. The shower room is the locker place for the tourists, and there is a long bench for the tourists to place the laundry.

It is reported that male storage rooms are also equipped with multiple cameras.

At present, the park has decided to send staff on duty in the storage room, remind visitors not to change clothes here, and guide visitors to the shower room to change clothes.

This time, a lot of netizens stand on the side of the park

In response to this event, the netizens said that the park's measures to understand the park had been reminding, and the main responsibility for changing clothes to be taken by the camera lies in the tourists themselves.

@D Z: the park is doing enough. Some people can't see the signs, and the radio can't hear them. What else can they do?

@TIME: I think the park has done the duty of reminding!

@zero: don't change clothes in the required place. What can I say? You deserve it!

@ Zhang Xing: how do you remind you? There is a marked, circulatory voice! All adults are responsible for their uncivilized behavior. You stripped your clothes off the street, and you blame the passers-by for your long eyes. The lack of rule consciousness requires that we should have a long cut in wisdom.

@Melon: "please check in by passenger ticket of Gxxx train. Gxxx train number has been stopped, please catch the missed passengers. "

"What?" I didn't hear you, you have to be in charge. "

Xiaoshui: No problem. There are text reminders and radio reminders. It's in place. There's really something stolen in the storage room. There's nothing wrong with installing a camera.

@ Hin: what is it called "habit"? Not all habits are correct. If the garden side has already indicated, then it is illegal to fail to comply with the regulations.

@ I lost my way. I said, don't change your clothes. You're even more. This is the wrong tourist. When the garden side has put a lot of notices and clothes, who will take care of their privacy? There is no doubt that nature is a tourist.

Therefore, tourists must take the primary responsibility for this. But in the use of video data, who is easier to control privacy? Nature is the garden.

Since the guarantee will not leak, we will sign the agreement in a big way and agree on a confidentiality clause.

However, some netizens are not satisfied with the reply that the park promised that "the screen captured by the camera will never flow out".

@ Wang's demeanor: don't install the monitoring place privately, but it doesn't mean that you can see it.

@ believe you: never? It's good to look like a vow.

@ folding wing: never out of the way. That makes my hair stand on end. What do you guarantee?

@ Mr. Yao Guodong: you say no outflow and no outflow. This has constituted infringement and can be claimed for tort liability.

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Source: the Changjiang Daily and Wuhan Evening News

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