The company has put down three local officers, and the Beauty Secretary has been sniper.

The company has put down three local officers, and the Beauty Secretary has been sniper.

Original title: shock! An enterprise has successively "abandoned" the mayor and the Secretary

Recently, an enterprise bribery case, after years of investigation, prosecution and trial, finally welcomed the decision. The protagonist of the case was Nanjun Automobile, an unknown but not small-scale local automobile company in Ziyang, Sichuan Province.

The cause of the case is not because the business itself is so special, but because the car enterprise, through its own bribery, all of a sudden the three local "local people" in Ziyang, all of a sudden pulled down the horse, at that time a small "officialdom earthquake", really impressive. It's a shock.

The verdict published by the Chinese referee's net recently revealed that the Sichuan Nan Jun Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Nan Jun Automobile Group) was sentenced to six hundred thousand yuan for the crime of bribery in the crime unit. Sun Zhentian, the company's legal representative, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and three years' probation.

At this point, the case has officially ended. However, back to the past, the "Aftershock" of the case is still difficult to calm the local official, and several local officials involved in the case have been dealt with by much stricter than the bribe company and its legal representative.

This corruption scandal surrounding Nan Jun automobile was launched in 2014. At that time, the central ninth inspection team visited Sichuan province. During the inspection, the inspection team found a lot of corruption clues of officials and cadres, and Ziyang City was the "disaster area" of anti-corruption work in that year.

In September 2014, under the guidance of the central inspection group, the Sichuan Provincial Commission on discipline announced the investigation of the mayor Deng Quanzhong of Ziyang. In October of the same year, Luo Qinhong, the former mayor of Ziyang and the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, was also investigated under the guidance of the central tour group. Finally, in November 25th, Li Jia, Secretary of the Ziyang municipal Party committee, was also taken away by the investigators. At this point, the top leadership of Ziyang was almost "hollow", which also explained the corruption of the team.

Nan Jun motor played a very important role in a series of violation of laws and regulations committed by these officials. According to the report of the disclosure, the target of bribe of Nan Jun auto group and Sun Zhentian is Li Jia, former party secretary of Ziyang City, formerly known as "beautiful woman secretary", and Luo Qinhong, the former mayor Deng Quanzhong and the director of the Standing Committee of the former city people's Congress.

Nan Jun automobile group was originally a Ziyang Nan Jun vehicle manufacturing company, which was completed in August 2002. Sun Zhentian, who was born in 1964, was the head of the enterprise before restructuring, and became chairman and legal representative of the company after reform. In 2010, he pushed the "300 thousand light mini vehicle projects", which covers an area of 5000 mu. Sun Zhentian felt that the implementation of the project must be supported by local leaders.

In April 28, 2010, the project of "300 thousand light mini cars" was officially launched. According to public reports, the commencement ceremony of the day was presided over by Luo Qinhong. Li Jia came to the scene and delivered a speech: "The confidence of entrepreneurs is the confidence of Ziyang development, the development of enterprises is the development of Ziyang." She said, "the municipal Party committee and the municipal government will continue to support Nan Jun to speed up development and become stronger and stronger."

After the project of "300 thousand light mini cars" started, Sun Zhentian also planned to cooperate with Korean Hyundai Motor Company. The cooperation between Nan Jun auto group and Korea Hyundai Motor involves issues such as project approval, fund raising, land use and so on. According to the court, in order to seek the support and help of the city leaders, from 2010 to 2014, after "joint research" by the chief executive of the Nan Jun automobile group, Sun Zhentian gave Li Jia RMB 3 million yuan and $10 thousand yuan for 9 times, and gave Li Jia 920 thousand yuan and $10 thousand yuan for the RMB, and gave Deng Quanzhong RMB 74 in 8 times. Ten thousand yuan and $140 thousand dollars. Since then, the Ziyang municipal Party committee and the municipal government have supported the production and operation of Nan Jun auto group.

The dramatic point in the detection of the case was that the local discipline committee and the prosecutor did not have mastered the bribery of Li Jia and Luo Qinhong, at the beginning of which was Deng Quanzhong. However, the investigation of Deng Quanzhong was soon involved in the briber Sun Zhentian, while Sun Zhentian quickly took the initiative to explain the problem of Li Jia and Luo Qinhong, which led to the big case that caused the local official "earthquake". Shortly after Sun Zhentian's "account", Luo Qin Hong, the then director of the Standing Committee of the Ziyang Municipal People's Congress, was investigated for serious violation of discipline. More than a month later, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection filed a case investigation on the alleged violation of discipline by Li Jia, Secretary of the Ziyang municipal Party committee.

Since then, the case has been investigated for a short time until the end of 2016. On November 8, Sichuan Neijiang Intermediate Court found Li Jia guilty of bribery, sentenced him to 14 years'imprisonment and a fine of 2 million yuan. After the sentence, Li Jia appeared in court to plead guilty and convicted. On December 30 of the same year, Deng Quanzhong, the first person involved in the case, was convicted of bribery and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. The property of the defendant, Deng Quanzhong, in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, decided to seize, seal, and freeze the stolen property of the defendant, and the property used for the payment of the proceeds of the bribe in the total amount of RMB 6497.488838 million yuan, and to pay the Treasury in accordance with the law. Such a huge number, not surprisingly.

It is worth noting that during Li Jia's position as secretary of the Ziyang municipal Party committee and Deng Quanzhong as the mayor of Ziyang, it is an important period for the economic expansion, investment and urbanization of Ziyang. During their tenure, we can see a large number of two people meeting with the official reports of famous entrepreneurs such as Wang Jianlin. In this context, the Nan Jun car is also the leader's "guest" by introducing the capital of the Korean modern group as the "guest". The lessons of Ziyang must be firmly remembered in many cities where economic development is vigorously developing.

A business, once a sudden corrosion of a series of high officials, such a shocking thing, but in fact, in the face of such a risk of corruption, why do Ziyang one place? In this regard, we have to tighten up the system of the cage, open the pace of reform, let enterprises in a transparent and fair environment under the business, cut off the official business collusion, secret box operation space, so that the officials can be attributed to the integrity of the company.

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