Tencent Samsung set up joint venture of artificial intelligence, Tencent said no comment.

Tencent Samsung set up joint venture of artificial intelligence, Tencent said no comment.

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Bai Jinlei) July 31st, the Korean media BusinessKorea quoted from the investment bank news said that Samsung Electronics and Tencent are jointly investing in artificial intelligent sound box and game development, and will set up a joint venture. The Beijing News reporter asked Tencent for verification, and Tencent responded: "no comment".

Samsung Electronics and Tencent agreed early this year to jointly invest in AI speakers and game solutions, the media quoted an investment bank administrator as saying. The two companies are currently discussing actual business matters and expect to set up a joint venture company. "

Analysts believe that through strategic cooperation with Tencent, Samsung is expected to regain lost ground in the Chinese smartphone market. On the other hand, Tencent is trying to continue to seek breakthroughs in the field of online games. Therefore, this cooperation will enable the two companies to meet their needs.

Tencent has for many years become the world's top game company with annual revenue and one of China's largest Internet platform companies. Tencent online game revenue of 167 billion 500 million yuan last year, contributed to the company's more than 70% of the revenue, its instant messaging application WeChat has more than 980 million months of active users, but Samsung is weak in the field.

But Tencent has been relatively cautious about AI development, and its AI strategy was not introduced until its financial report in the second quarter of last year. Through this cooperation, the Tencent, on the one hand, is trying to find a breakthrough in its strong field online games, on the other hand, to plan to expand the AI technology into the autopilot field in the future.

By working with the Tencent, Samsung can combine smartphones with AI speakers on the one hand, and on the other hand, with the Tencent's strong Internet platform, to reverse the sluggish smartphone business in China: in 2014, Samsung ranked first in the Chinese smartphone market, but its market share in the fourth quarter last year. The amount has dropped to about 3%.

In addition, Business Korea suggests that the ultimate goal of the alliance is to take the lead in the smart home market. AI speakers are the core of the smart home market, which may determine the rise and fall of IT.


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