2018 new iPhone X Plus and LCD iPhone exposure video

2018 new iPhone X Plus and LCD iPhone exposure video

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late July 31st news, foreign website Tigermobiles.com today exposes the Apple Corp (hereinafter referred to as "apple") this year's upcoming three new iPhone products, are 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus and 6.1 inch LCD version iPhone.

From the video we can clearly see that this is the two full screen phone equipped with Face ID face recognition function. Apart from size, one obvious difference between the two iPhones is that the iPhone XPlus comes with a dual lens, while the LCD version comes with a camera. The common point is that the cameras of these two phones are obviously protruding from the fuselage.

In addition, the two iPhone in the video are shiny silver frame. It is estimated that the middle frame of iPhone X Plus is made of steel, while the middle frame of LCD iPhone is aluminum.

Just a few days ago, Ben Geskin (Ben Geskin) also shared several pictures of the iPhone X Plus and LCD version of the iPhone model machine, which was basically the same as the two iPhone in today's exposure video.

According to media reports, Apple will release three new iPhone this year, 5.8 inch OLED iPhone (iPhone X two), 6.5 inch OLED iPhone (equivalent to iPhone X Plus) and 6.1 inch LCD iPhone.

Earlier this month, prominent Apple analyst Guo Mingli said three new iPhones this year could have as many as eight colors for consumers to choose from. "The second generation iPhone X will have a golden, silver and space ash version, and the 6.1 inch LCD version of the iPhone has more colors, including red, blue, orange, gray, and white," he said in his report.

On price, Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Hubert (Katy Huberty) last month predicted that the 5.8 inch OLED version of iPhone started for $899, which was $100 lower than iPhone X. The 6.5 inch OLED version iPhone starts at $999, while the 6.1 inch LCD version starts at a price of $699 to $769. IPhone (Li Ming)

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