Microsoft Office 2019 part version will raise 10% for 8 years without price rise.

Microsoft Office 2019 part version will raise 10% for 8 years without price rise.

On the evening of July 31, Beijing time, Sina Technologies News reported that from October 1, 2018, the sale price of the upcoming corporate version of Office 2019 will increase by 10%. This is the first time since Microsoft launched Office 2010, the Office price has been raised for the first time in 8 years.

Microsoft said in a previous official blog: "From October 1, 2008, we will adjust the prices of local software (installed on computers) and cloud products. This series of adjustments will highlight the trend of "cloud first", helping us shift from a 'program centric' pricing model to a 'user centered' pricing model.

It should be noted that the Office 2019 of the price increase is a permanent commercial authorization version. This version is only available to enterprises, and can be used indefinitely. In addition, the price of the Office 2019 server version will also rise by 10%. By contrast, Office 365 is not affected by price increases.

Industry analyst Weiss Miller (Wes Miller) said the price adjustment meant that companies would have to continue to use permanent authorized Office 2019 and have to pay higher costs. Otherwise, Office 365 can only be used, regardless of whether the enterprise is ready.

Dan Oders (Dan Olds), another analyst, said that consumers may not be happy about the increase in the price of the Office 2019, because they have been used to the current price for the last 8 years.

"The increase in Office prices shows Microsoft's confidence in its market influence. When Office faced the challenge of open source office software OpenOffice and Google Docs, Microsoft did not raise the price of Office.

Odes also argues that a 10% increase in prices will not scare off current Office users because they have no real alternatives. (Li Ming)

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