Wang Xiao gun reveals the ecology of Screenwriters: Why are writers always "back pot man"?

Wang Xiao gun reveals the ecology of Screenwriters: Why are writers always

Wang Xiao gun reveals the ecology of Screenwriters: Why are writers always "back pot man"?

Abstract: the playwright made the "twice cooked pork", and the director became "kung pao chicken".

Behind the hot topics of TV series and stars, this group of writers is always the "draught" of social networks.

Is it a norm for celebrities to bring resources into groups? Why is the screenwriter always tore into the hot search? Do writers really miss the day when coal bosses make investors?

On July 31, the writer of the hit drama "Mask" Wang Xiaogun visited the "Sina Club Living Room" to talk about the writers and the reality of those things.

Wang Xiaoqiang: screenwriters may be some of those things, but some netizens think that I am a rejection pot. Let me give you an example.

The screenwriter handed the play to the director, and the link behind is not involved. I see the mask, including the place where the script is not the same. Now, there is a plot in the mask on the Internet. Zhao Dongmei runs on the moon 20, minus 30, 40 degrees, running in several miles, especially in the north. It's not possible. In fact, in this script, Zhao Dongmei grabbed the clothes and ran away. It was a common sense problem. It became a light leg and a long run of feet, which I thought of many. This is a common sense question. There are also some logical questions. I think the director and screenwriter may not be cognitively consistent. Not necessarily listen to who, authority is another topic, follow in addition to common sense, should follow the rationality, rationality is logic. There was a plot in which Mr. Du Zhiguo acted as a secret agent, the only one in the 40 episode, to persuade a bandits to join the Kuomintang, and it was very risky. In fact, the script was killed by Mr. Yong Hou, who was killed by the Warring States. The script was killed by Wei Yi Ping. It was logical, including the cut out of many things and a lot of things. First of all, I can't understand why it turned out to be so. There are various reasons in the middle. A lot of problems have been exchanged with the director before the start of the machine, but there is no agreement. The film has been changed, and the example is not to say that the screenwriter is wronged, but just to say the situation objectively. I understand that the scriptwriter is a cook, fried the pot, but the director is a dish handler, then became a Gongbo chicken, I do not know why Gongbo chicken.

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Dialogue with the mask: screenplay in winter.

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