Screenwriter Wang Xiaoqiang: the era of Anti Japanese drama is over.

Screenwriter Wang Xiaoqiang: the era of Anti Japanese drama is over.

Original title: screenwriter Wang Xiaoqiang: the era of Anti Japanese drama is over.

Behind the hot topics of TV series and stars, this group of writers is always the "draught" of social networks.

Is it a norm for celebrities to bring resources into groups? Why is the screenwriter always tore into the hot search? Do writers really miss the day when coal bosses make investors?

On July 31, the writer of the hit drama "Mask" Wang Xiaogun visited the "Sina Club Living Room" to talk about the writers and the reality of those things.

Host: what is the living condition of most of the writers in China? Can you give an example and tell us in detail?

Wang Xiaoqiang: the screenwriting industry is different from other industries. There is no regular pattern, may write slowly, write a script in five years, and get all the money in five years. For example, write one half a year and get it half a year. People are very different from people, unlike lawyers, a doctor, about the same frequency, has its particularity, can not be generalized.

Host: in recent years we found a very good phenomenon of the phenomenon of less and less, the Anti Japanese God dramas tore the ghost, Mine idol drama emerge in endlessly, many of the dramas made of domestic dramas scolded hot search, why?

Wang Xiaoqiang: I think the Anti Japanese opera has gone. This is a second division. As the type of work in the film and television industry, the screenwriter is not able to control all the links. I don't believe that my grandfather was killed when my grandfather was ten years old, or a gun shot out one hundred miles of machine guns. Sometimes it was not very believed. This is a playwright deliberately or careless. Because there are many links between the script and the final film, including the director's understanding, including the annotation of the actor, the capture of the camera, the final editing table, the final proofreading of the subtitles, and so on. In a work, my grandfather was killed by the days of the days of ten. Maybe the project itself has a problem. That is to say, this barrel is short board, which will lead to this problem.

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Dialogue with the mask: screenplay in winter.

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