Users want to reduce mobile phone charges refused mobile customer service: lucky number can not drop

Users want to reduce mobile phone charges refused mobile customer service: lucky number can not drop

Original title: Hubei, a consumer refused to drop the phone tariff, mobile customer service: lucky number can not be lowered

Surging news reporter Lv Xinwen Intern Zhou Xuanxuan

A few days ago, Mr. Song of Wuhan, Hubei, reflected on the platform for quality reporting complaints. Last year, he wanted to reduce its mobile phone premium from 188 yuan to 128 yuan a month, but was told that his cell phone number was "auspicious number" and could not reduce the fee. Mr. Song also proposed to carry the number to the Unicom, mobile business hall staff also said that mobile phone number participation activities are not over, can not carry the number to the Internet.

In July 27th, surging news dialed the China Mobile customer service phone "10086" on the matter. A customer service officer said that the "1390" section of Mr. Song's mobile phone number was included in the "auspicious number", with the requirements of long term bottom tariff, which will be explained and attached with the documents.

The customer service also said that Mr. Song signed a long-term bottom - keeping agreement when applying for a reduction to 188 yuan per month, "this is the latest agreement."

On the issue of carrying the network, the service personnel explained that Mr. Song's number has not been completed and can not carry the number transfer network. In addition, the special number can not carry the number transfer network, such as the number of section 157 and No. 188; Mr. Song's number is probably due to the long term guarantee agreement of "auspicious number", so it can not be carried out. Number transfer network.

As for the definition of the auspicious number, the mobile customer service has not been given an accurate definition, but the auspicious number and number Duan Li in its list contains the number of Mr. Song's cell phone number.

Mr. Song said that in 2013, he handled a mobile phone number at the HanKou Railway Station in Wuhan, with the number of "1390***0829" and 256 yuan per month. "At that time, the mobile staff said that the package could be reduced every two years."

2 years later, in 2015, Mr. Song reduced the premium from 256 yuan per month to 188 yuan per month. In 2017, when Mr. Song wanted to apply for the second reduction of the fee, the staff of the mobile office asked him to sign two agreements.

Mr. Song recalled that the content of the agreement was roughly as follows: this number is a special number, promised not to transfer the network, lifetime guarantee; at that time he refused to sign the two agreements, and therefore can not handle the cost reduction.

Since Mr. Song failed to find the photos of the two agreements, the content of the agreement has not been confirmed. Mr. Song believes that it is unfair for him to carry out a long-term guarantee agreement in accordance with the agreement that the first time is reduced.

"The staff said it was an auspicious number, the internal regulations could not be lowered, and did not produce any official statements and policies." Mr. Song said that before this, he had never heard the mobile business hall staff mention that the mobile phone number is a lucky number, also did not explain what is a lucky number.

In July 31st, Ding Jinkun, a lawyer of Shanghai Da Bang law firm, introduced the news to the press. At present, there is no definition of "auspicious sign" and related laws and regulations at home.

Ding Jinkun believes that reducing the tariff and carrying the number to the network is the right of consumers. Hubei Mobile refuses to reduce the fee and carry the number to the network on the basis of "1390" section as the auspicious number. It is an artificial unreasonable condition and should be corrected. Moreover, "1390" is the beginning of the first batch of customer numbers, and has nothing to do with auspiciousness.

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