Rumors of sudden suicide in Shandong are not confirmed.

Rumors of sudden suicide in Shandong are not confirmed.

Original title: Shandong disease control officials in charge of vaccines suddenly hospitalized, "suicide" rumors can not be confirmed.

Source: China Newsweek

In the afternoon of July 31st, the China Times website reported that Song Lizhi, director of the immunization center of the center for Disease Control and prevention in Shandong, attempted to commit suicide by injecting excess insulin.

In a subsequent report, the science and Technology Daily reported that people close to the public security department in Ji'nan said the report was not true, and Song Li Zhi was only hospitalized for diabetes.

China News Weekly came to the Shandong Provincial Center for disease control. After much understanding, he was informed by an insider that Song Lizhi was receiving emergency treatment at Shangdong Province-owned Hospital.  

Another person familiar with the matter said that Song Ping was not in good health and had "three high" days.

According to the daily economic news, the newspaper reporter also learned from Shangdong Province-owned Hospital that there was a person named Song Lizhi who had been treated to the hospital and the time of delivery was 29 morning. At present, no authoritative department has released the information about Song Li Zhi, and the information is still vague.

"China News Weekly" has repeatedly called Song Lizhi himself and Hou Jiaxiang, director of the office of Shandong CDC, for relevant information. At the end of the press release, song mobile phone was always turned off. Hou did not answer the phone and did not reply to SMS.

In November 3, 2017, the State Administration of food and Drug Administration issued a message on its website that 252600 titer targets in Changchun's Changsheng production were not in conformity with the standard, and all were sold to the center for Disease Control and prevention in Shandong. But it was not until July 23 that Shandong CDC announced the flow of the unqualified vaccine after the Changchun Event of Rabies Vaccine.

"China News Weekly" combed the Shandong CDC in recent years, "human vaccine bid bulletin" found that Song Lizhi not only served as a member of the negotiation group, but also usually the buyer representative.

Through the search for relevant information on Shandong province vaccine bidding, there were five members of the province in 2017, including Zhu Jianying, Wang Yuan, Zhang Lanying, Guo Ruichen and Song Lizhi.

At present, Shandong province has been set up by a deputy secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Commission and a survey group responsible for the Standing Committee of the provincial Commission for the discipline of discipline, focusing on the problem of "problem vaccine" entering Shandong, whether there is a lack of supervision in the process of use, procedural violation, benefit delivery and so on, as well as the overall investigation of the duties of the relevant responsible departments.

According to China News Weekly, Song Lizhi was born in 1963 in Linqu County, Weifang, Shandong. He has been working in Shandong CDC (formerly Shandong Health and Epidemic Prevention Station) for more than 24 years and has obtained the qualification of chief physician.

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