Lombok earthquake trapped in Chinese tourists rescued official wave warning

Lombok earthquake trapped in Chinese tourists rescued official wave warning

Original title: Lombok earthquake trapped in Chinese tourists rescued official re issued wave warning

China News Agency, Jakarta, July (reporter Lin Yongchuan) 31 (reporter Lin Yongchuan) reporter learned from the Chinese Embassy in Denpasar, Indonesia, 31, because of the earthquake in Lombok, the Chinese tourists trapped in the mount Lin jayi volcano were all safely rescued. At present, the museum is paying close attention to whether there are still Chinese tourists climbing through the mountain.

According to Indonesian official statistics, so far, the death toll caused by the earthquake has risen to 18 people, more than 200 seriously injured, there are no reports of casualties among Chinese citizens.

At 6:48 a.m. local time on July 29, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred in the eastern part of Longmu Island, a famous tourist resort in Indonesia, followed by more than 200 aftershocks.

More than 1000 tourists were climbing the ljani volcano in eastern Lombok when the earthquake occurred. The earthquake triggered landslides, and many downhill roads were blocked, leading tourists to be trapped in the mountains.

After the earthquake, Indonesia's relevant departments formed a temporary search and rescue team immediately to rescue. According to China's general consulate in Denpasar and the front of the Indonesian search and rescue team in front of the confirmation, by the end of the 31 morning at 10:31, including 16 Chinese tourists, including 1090 mountaineering tourists have been evacuated to the safety zone.

The Chinese Consulate General said it was paying close attention to whether there were still Chinese tourists stranded on the mountains who climbed through abnormal channels.

On the same day, the Indonesian meteorological department issued a new wave warning that from July 31st to August 6th, 2.5 to 6 meters of sea waves would occur in the southern part of Java, the Bali Strait, the dragon eye channel, southern Bali Island, and the south of the West Nu Sha Gara islands. Indonesian authorities strongly advise fishing boats and small boats not to go to the above sea areas, and always pay close attention to the latest weather and wave warning.

The Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar is also reminding Chinese tourists to pay attention to safety and adjust their travel timely according to early warning. Do not venture out of the sea or participate in wading activities during this period. (finish)


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