Harassing phone calls like psoriasis without treatment will harm the society and how to deal with the problem.

Harassing phone calls like psoriasis without treatment will harm the society and how to deal with the problem.

Original title: CCTV financial commentary harassing phone calls like psoriasis, not governance will harm society! How is the remedy to the case?

The thirteen departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Supreme People's court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of justice and other departments have issued a special action plan for comprehensive harassment calls from July 2018 to the end of December 2019 and carried out a comprehensive harassment call in the whole country.

The action plan requires strengthening the source governance, combating the illegal acquisition of personal information, cutting off the interest chain of the harassment phone, and realizing the target of the obvious reduction of the business marketing telephone standard, malware harassment and illegal crime.

In the evening of July 31st, the CCTV financial review invited Ceng Jianqiu, a professor of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Ma Guangyuan, a financial commentator of CCTV, to be a guest studio.

What is the trouble of harassing the phone to the people?

The data issued by the China Internet association 12321 report center showed that the number of alleged harassment calls received in June this year was 45 thousand times, and more than six of Chengdu were loan financing, illegal collection and real estate agents. Special treatment has also put forward to comprehensively enhance the ability to prevent technology and enhance the ability to harass telephone interception.

Ceng Jianqiu: harassing phone calls like psoriasis will not harm society.

Zeng Jianqiu, a professor at the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said: Harassing telephone calls is like psoriasis. It is difficult to eradicate it, but it can not be done without it. On the one hand, we should find out the channels of information leakage from the source. On the other hand, who will fight the harassment or fraud calls? Find the source and carry out the precision strike.

Ma Guangyuan: the low cost of illegal activities is the main reason for the repeated prohibition of harassing phone calls.

Ma Guangyuan, CCTV financial commentator: The cost of harassment calls is too low at the source. To rectify the problem, we should raise the cost of illegal calls. The goal of leaking your information must be to make money, to make it more costly to break the law, and to make it worthless, which may be crucial.

How is the remedy to the case?

Ma Guangyuan: big data help harassing phone calls

CCTV financial commentator Ma Guangyuan: big data can show power, since people who harass the phone will use big data, I believe that big data has this ability to harass the phone, the key is how we use it and how to push it.

Ceng Jianqiu: enhance the comprehensive control ability of harassing phone calls

Ceng Jianqiu, a professor at the school of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, should strengthen the comprehensive control and control ability of the harassment telephone, further strengthen the main responsibility of the telecom operators to harass the telephone, make full use of the existing national fraud telephone system and Internet interconnected monitoring system, and strengthen the monitoring and tagging of the harassment telephone. Function, establish linkage work mechanism, cooperate to do well harassing telephone monitoring and discovery and other comprehensive improvement work.

How can we jointly cut off the chain of harassing telephone interests?

In the special action plan, it is also clear that we should standardize the business marketing behavior of key industries, investigate and deal with business violation of commercial electronic information. It is strictly prohibited to call the marketing phone after the user clearly denial, and to take supervision measures or administrative penalties for illegal enterprises and employees.

Ceng Jianqiu: step by step in tactical stratification and grading strategy

Professor Ceng Jianqiu of the school of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: in the process of governance, tactics can be stratified, and we can step by step from strategy. The information about the administrative penalties, the results of spot checks and the lists of illegal and dishonest enterprises will be released to the whole society in stages to strengthen the punishment. Telephone harassment, governance and implementation of skills, grasp the common rule, the most important is the satisfaction of the people.

Ma Guangyuan: the key to breaking the interest chain lies in the resultant force of the whole society.

Ma Guangyuan, a financial commentator of CCTV: the key to cut off the interest chain lies in the whole society to form a whole force. This time 13 ministries and commissions hold together I think it is a very good beginning. This special action may be like this: every quarter comes a summary of the results, the extent of progress, and progress to one and a half years, to let you see the results of each stage.

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