Looking at the new words in the inspection feedback: how many cats are "borrowing money by hand"?

Looking at the new words in the inspection feedback: how many cats are

Original title: Perspective of the new words in patrol feedback: "borrow money from hand" how much cat?

"Borrowing money from the hands" is literally, it means borrowing money from others. What is exposed in the corruption issue is that some Party members and cadres seek illegal benefits or accept bribes for themselves by borrowing the hands of businessmen-

A "borrow" word a lot of cat and cat

Recently, the nineteen central government's first round of inspection feedback was announced. Among them, the Twelfth Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of China said in the feedback to the Guangdong Provincial Committee that we should seriously investigate and punish the corruption problems such as "borrowing hands to get money" and "return of options", pointing directly to "eliminating the abominable influence of Li Jia and Wan Qingliang, the collusion of officials and businessmen and" the culture of circles ", and required the party to be inspected by the party. The CPC resolutely abolished the "circle culture" and severely regulated collusion between officials and businessmen, standardized the conduct of political and business contacts, and built a new kind of political and business relationship between the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty.

In the development of socialist market economy, the relationship between government and commerce is always an important topic that can not be avoided, while "pro" is beneficial to both sides and "Qing" is peaceful. As early as the 2016 national two sessions, the general secretary of Xi Jinping proposed to build a new political and commercial relationship between "pro" and "Qing", and stressed that political and business exchanges should be honest and sincere, but also to be innocent and pure.

However, as a new word in the feedback of inspection, the word "borrowing money" reflects the current political and commercial relations in individual places. The gentleman loves money, takes the way, "borrow the hand to get money" as the "malformed product" of the political and commercial relations, its occurrence, reason, background and how to avoid, all need us to study and study.

Change the figure to cover the ears

"Borrowing money from the hands" is literally, it means borrowing money from others. In the problem of corruption, some party members and cadres take advantage of the hands of businessmen to seek illegal gains or accept bribes.

Since the eighteen major, the Party Central Committee has maintained the high pressure of anti-corruption and investigated a series of corruption cases, and many of the officials are related to the bad political and commercial relations. Many corrupt officials want to be an official and want to make money. They try every means to gain profits from businessmen and engage in power and money transactions. And some illegal businessmen "believe in the right to not believe the law", keen on the "latent rules", unscrupulously pull the corrupt public officials, seek unjustified interests, and more disguised to stimulate the "borrow money to get money" behavior.

From the visit to Guangdong Province, there are many cases of "borrowing money by hand". Since 2013, more than 70 people in Guangdong science and technology system have been investigated, including the former director Li Xinghua of the Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department, the former deputy director of the science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Wang Kewei, Zhang Ming, the Deputy Secretary of the original Party group of the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, and Xie Xuening, the former director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology.

Most of these cadres are suspected of taking bribes. Among them, bribery options and "dry shares" have become a new way to transfer benefits in the field of science and technology. For example, Li Xinghua was accused of accepting bribes from several companies for about 21.6 million "dry shares" and bribes of 11.1 million RMB, 1.1 million Hong Kong dollars and 30,000 US dollars.

One party seeks rent, and a party seeks money. In July 2017, the first instance of the first instance of the intermediate court of Nanning railway transportation to hear the case of Ceng Xiaohua, the original investigator of the office of the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau and the actual controller of the real estate company of Dongguan Huarui Real Estate Co., Ltd. Prosecutors charged that from 2006 to 2011, Ceng Xiaohua invited Liu Zhigeng, Secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, to make use of his post convenience, to provide assistance to Guangdong Cosmic Digital Technology Ltd to win the bid for Dongguan cable digital TV set-top box procurement and Dongguan's Au Optronics Co business development. The company profits RMB 12 million yuan and about 23 million 50 thousand yuan. Ceng Xiaohua to thank and continue to get Liu Zhigeng to help, in 2007 sent to Liu Zhigeng in Baoan District, Shenzhen, a villa, value RMB about 26 million 170 thousand yuan; in 2008, Liu Zhigeng's consent, Liu Zhigeng son Liu Wenrui Land Rover Rover Rover a cross-country car, worth about 1 million 410 thousand yuan.

On the one hand is the leader who holds executive power, while the other is the "businessman" who walks around the business world. Under the lack of effective external supervision, "the owner of power", "take the money by hand," is ambiguous with the merchant. In the exercise of public power, it imperceptibly favors the interests of the enterprise, and eventually deep in the mire of crime.

The people do not live without business, and there is no business in the country. The development of a place is inseparable from the good communication and communication between officials and businessmen. As the saying goes, no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, do not abide by the rules, it is difficult to repair the fruit. The relationship between the government and the businessmen should be reasonable and regular. This kind of communication should be the friendship of the gentleman. It can be "close" but not "sticky". There is no exchange or exchanges with intercourse.

A righteous Xi can be friends for a long time. However, it is regrettable that some party members and cadres only wake up when they receive a piece of paper.

Use the right to borrow money to collect money

In essence, "borrowing your hands to get money" still belongs to the category of political and commercial relations, and the phenomenon of "taking money by the hand" is mainly due to the indifference between the boundary of political and commercial relations, the collusion of official business and business in peacetime, and the integration of officials and merchants, which is too "pro" and neglects "Qing".

The non public economy people generally believe that the power of government leading the allocation of resources is too large and the decision-making power of the leading cadres with real power is too big, which is the main reason for the frequent problems of the relationship between government and business. Through the examination and approval, punishment, supervision and other links, power rent-seeking has become the main way for individual officials to gain profits. A netizen in Heilongjiang said that power is like a flame. It is easy to burn if it gets too close. In fact, the leading cadres have not set up a correct view of power and have more power to intervene in the market, which provides a opportunity for power rent-seeking, leading cadres "borrowing money from their hands" and power conversion.

"Secretary Zhang does not collect money." Zhang Xiaojiang, the former party secretary and chairman of the CPPCC Wulong District of Chongqing City, was rejected by some of his bosses.

They do not know that Zhang Xiaojiang does not collect money, but does not accept "small money" and does not accept money from others who do not believe him. Most importantly, he hardly receives the money directly, either through the agent or through the high interest rate - he even forced to lend to the people who have sought it for the purpose of asking for bribes.

He had "cut the head" in the way "letting go" to his boss, and the amount of money, the interest, the time to pay the money, he has the final say. For example, by 10 million yuan to a boss, a year after the appointment of the interest of 13 million 600 thousand yuan, can actually borrow only 6 million 400 thousand yuan, a year after the recovery of 10 million yuan, and most of the time in less than a year to recover 10 million yuan.

Zhang Xiaojiang's boss had to "stretch his head" to accept Zhang Xiaojiang's "behead interest" lending. So when these bosses meet privately, they are accustomed to teasing each other, "have you borrowed money from Secretary Zhang", "can't do it without borrowing". Everyone smiles bitterly at each other. Of course, these bosses also gained huge benefits through the power of Zhang Xiaojiang.

"Boulevard to Jane, the official and business can do all the road and go side by side, there is no transaction, there is no trade, it will not become a rope on the grasshopper," the truth is understood, but the knowledge and practice is difficult to match.

Nie Huihua, vice president of the national development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, believes that power has too much interference in microeconomic, and the discretion of officials is too large. An investment project of an enterprise can be approved by the relevant government departments and can not be approved; it can be approved quickly and can be approved slowly; it can be approved a few more, and a few can be approved less.

This result in the result of a businessman to go to the project, do investment, it is necessary to deal with the government officials, "friends", and must be up and down, "Yama" "little ghost" can not be less than one.

This is a typical prisoner's dilemma: a disciplined businessman is bound to be defeated by an unruly businessman if he does not have relations with and deal with officials.

The public and private party is the right way

Since the implementation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, some public officials, especially some leading cadres, are reluctant to deal with the enterprises. They are afraid that they are not clear and afraid of being told to gossip. It is an abnormal phenomenon from "back to back" to "back to back". How to shape a new political and business relationship under the new normal requires us to sum up the good experience and good practices in the past.

In March this year, the government's work report adopted at the two sessions of the NPC referred to the "business environment" 4 times. The report points out that the optimization of the business environment is to emancipate the productive forces and improve their competitiveness. It is necessary to break the obstacles, to be irritated and to build an open way, to add vitality to the main body of the market and to facilitate the people's convenience.

It is the foundation to establish a new kind of political and commercial relationship, to solve the problem of "getting money by hand" and to solve the problem of cognition and thought. "Public and private distinction" is an important feature of the new relationship between government and businessmen. The key to building a good relationship between government and business is to deal with the relationship between public and private. Every party and government cadre should understand that "when cadres are not rich, they should not be cadres when they want to be rich."

On July 26, Luohe City, Henan Province, held a seminar on signing promises and warning education of "opposing bribery and fair competition" to build a pro-Qing political and business relationship. The private entrepreneurs in the participating group carried out the "anti bribery and fair competition" to build the signing commitment of the relationship between the government and the government, and express the determination and confidence of fair competition and anti bribery, and the horn of building the relationship between the government and the government.

Since the eighteen Party of the party and the government, the party and the government, aiming at the "latent rules" between officials and businessmen, put forth effort to solve the problem of "political and business amphibious" or "political and business transactions", and actively promote the decentralization of power. A large number of complicated procedures and meaningless formalities have been "cut off". Government power has less and less interference in enterprises, less and less obstacles set up, entrepreneurs do not ask for people can do things normally gradually restored.

"One of the most difficult problems for private enterprises is that it is difficult to see the principal party and government leaders, leading to some problems that can not be solved in time." The person in charge of Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, introduced the "breakfast meeting" system of leading cadres and entrepreneurs in December 2016 to understand the needs of entrepreneurs in a timely manner. This is a microcosm of the new political and business relations in Northeast China.

Exposing the problem to "sunshine", who is willing to wait for the opportunity to "take money" and "accumulate wealth"? Not long ago, the national construction steel structure industry conference was held in Shenyang. "Breakfast meeting", Shenyang Sanxin industrial company chairman Yu Dongyun put forward the worry of tight production time, Tiexi district responsible person immediately to the relevant departments to call coordination to solve the problem.

"The Qing Dynasty relies on laws and systems, and entrepreneurs should operate according to law and seek benefits from innovation; the pro-government should focus on serving enterprises on its own initiative. In order to further promote the healthy development of the private economy, we should build a new relationship between government and businessmen and optimize the business environment. Jiao Binlong, deputy director of the Shanxi provincial government development research center, said.

In the view of Xu Yiqun, a lawyer from Guangdong Xinyong Law Firm, the boundary of power must be standardized in order to form a healthy political and commercial relationship. "If the power of the government is strictly confined to the cage, it will not become a bargaining chip for personal interests."

In May of this year, Zhou Yanxin, deputy director of the talent development division of the Beilun people's Bureau of Ningbo District, Zhejiang, went back again.

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