Officials fall under the fancy Hunting: they pretend to be foolish but refuse to answer questions.

Officials fall under the fancy Hunting: they pretend to be foolish but refuse to answer questions.

Original title: he fell in fancy hunting.

Hou Xinhua, former Secretary of the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, analyzing serious violation of laws and regulations.

"Hunting" means hunting on all sides, also called hunting and encirclement. The hunting of the ancients, first of all, should master the law of animal activities, and then lay the bait, trap, and opportunistic in advance, which is the first basic livelihood skill to be grasped by human beings.

At present, the "hunting" has been renovated and covered with various kinds of cloak, which is still frequent in social life. For example, some unlawful businessmen are the hunters, some leading cadres unconsciously become prey, finally falling into the trap, unable to extricate themselves, so that the loss of freedom, family and future.

Hou Xinhua, former Secretary of the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, has become such a prey. On August 10, 2017, the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission announced the disciplinary review of Hou Xinhua. A few days ago, Hou Xinhua accepted the interview, 55-year-old with white hair, sighing, the Lisu Han grieved.

The three grade of primary school learned Chinese only, benefited from the party's national policy to go out of the remote mountain village of high Li Gong mountain. The organization was carefully cultivated, 36 year old officer to vice hall, and then the main political party; once served as the governor of the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nu River and the party secretary of the Yunnan forestry department. He was supposed to seek peace and promote the development of one side, but because of his misunderstanding, he made mistakes step by step, and eventually hated for thousands of years, leaving a deep regret and bitter lessons.

A young man knows the length of the night.

From the "confiscation of a needle and thread" to "half embracing the pipa".

A man who cares for the day is short and the sad man knows the length of the night.

"When I saw the door closed, I realistically felt that my political career was really ruined." Hou Xinhua admitted that he had little self reflection in the past, and that more than 100 days after the examination of the organization, he became the most introspective and reflective of his own. "All the things he experienced in the more than 50 years of his life were replayed in my mind like a movie."

Hou Xinhua was born in a remote mountain village in the Grand Canyon of Nu River, where Lisu People live in compact communities. The village is located on the waist of the steep peak, and the environment of "high mountain slope and steep water flow" makes him so scared. "I always feel that one is not careful, it is possible to fall into the river to feed the fish." So Hou Xinhua's first wish was to become a driver when he grew up. "After all, the driver does not have to walk so hard, as long as driving, want to go where, do not have to climb mountains and rivers.

Despite the tough environment, Hou Xinhua's childhood was still lucky. At that time, there were many aspiring young people who responded to the call of the state to become a branch teacher. They devoted their youth and intellectual talent to changing their fate through knowledge, like Hou Xinhua.

In 1980, Hou Xinhua was admitted to Yunnan University for Nationalities (now Yunnan University for Nationalities) and became an enviable University student. After graduating from university in 1985, he entered the work of the Yunnan Provincial People's Committee. In 1992, he was appointed vice principal of Yunnan Ethnic Secondary School, which was the period of his greatest sense of achievement. "From morning exercises at 6:30 a.m. to 22:30 p. m., and at 22:30 p. m., I was busy with the teachers and students, feeling like a gyro, tiredness, and the most beautiful sound was the waking up." Hou Xinhua said, "At that time, I just wanted to work hard to manage the school well, confiscated a pin and a thread, and never thought I would get to this point today."

In 1999, Hou Xinhua, 36, became a watershed in his life. He was appointed Deputy Governor of Nujiang Prefecture and became a department cadre. At that time, he was said to be a "Spring - fashionable horseshoe disease": the first of the Lisu People of Yunnan province to be a cadre at the provincial level, the first to enter the series of hall level cadres, which made him full of confidence. At that time, a superior leader asked him for two points of hope: first, to hold himself in work and life, two to keep low profile, to resist all kinds of temptations, and to live up to the hope of the organization. "I felt it was easy to do it. Now I want to come, "sugar coated bullets" corrosion is these disagree. He said.

Facts have proved that Hou Xinhua is not ready for the attack of sugar coated bullets. During his lieutenant governor, he received the first red envelope. "One year's holiday, a comrade in charge of the department gave me 2000 yuan, when I firmly refused. He said awkwardly, "governor, you are in the trouble of me, the other division leaders have also sent, if you do not accept, others know that I will say I send a festival blessing a bowl of water is not flat, how to work later?" Hou Xinhua said that this evening the comrade did not leave, and eventually Hou Xinhua did not want to continue to be embarrassed, more reluctant to refuse to affect the feelings of colleagues lost support, so it was closed.

At that time, Hou Xinhua's salary was only 1300 yuan a month, 2000 yuan of red envelopes made him feel very disturbed and entangled for a long time. But after that, he realized that things were not as serious as they imagined, so he became more comfortable and the door of desire was opened.

With the promotion of duty, the scope of the red envelopes is larger, and the amount of gift money is also increasing. He had thought about asking the other party to take it back, but because the other party didn't ask, just wanted to know, he "laughed and accepted". "This way of communication seems to have no help, but in fact, it is a long line fishing big fish, the time is long, the gift is much more, then the request will be difficult to refuse."

From the initial dream of a driver, to accept the first red envelope, Hou Xinhua experience is relatively simple. Although life is hard, but the smooth entrance into the University, without a big setback; after the different posts, but not at the grass-roots level of suffering; the career smooth and open, the higher the position. All this went smoothly, but let him look ahead, gain and loss, for the acceptance of gifts and bribes produced a "half-covered pipa" mentality.

"At the very beginning, if we refuse, we should not be in a dilemma. It is this kind of wrangle that has done harm to me." Hou Xinhua regrets the Tao.

Lose armor: encounter life "Waterloo"

From the boss's "big brother" to the merchant's "stuff".

When one idea converges, all good will come together.

In the eyes of many local bosses in Nu River, Hou Xinhua is the "old brother" that speaks with justice and feelings. As long as he is not too troublesome, he will use his own power to help communicate and contact. It is a word often mentioned by Hou Xinhua, which means "confident and reasonable in mind."

"I help them say hello, after many bosses will also express gratitude to me, I feel that the heart is right, after all, it is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation."

"Most businessmen are purely interested, they give me money, I help them to do things, this kind of gift is not against anything."

"This is a win-win move, not only conducive to the local economic development, but also to help others, to complete their own'local parents'official reputation"...

Not only did he not hesitate to get his hands off, but he comforted himself for reasons, until he was unscrupulous. A mining limited liability company rebate more than 359 million yuan; receive a construction engineering limited company sent a 2 million 150 thousand yuan bank card and RMB cash 648 thousand yuan; receive a certain Real Estate Company for a total of more than 139 yuan of money; receive an ore owner of the ivory crafts 2; receive a leopard skin one... To open the files of the Hou Xinhua case, a group of records made people startling, these are suspected of serious violations of the law, is Hou Hua Kou in the courtesy, let him feel good?

In fact, at that time, Hou Xinhua had fallen deeper and deeper into the mire of power and money trading and lost his eyes. And some other businessmen in Chuxiong used the "hunting" technique to make themselves unable to extricate themselves.

"Most of the businessmen who used to deal with each other directly asked me for help and then made representations. Busy help, everyone needs what they need, cooperation is over. But they were more about the project, all sorts of interesting things, eating and playing with me, as if just trying to get closer to me and never mention anything else. " Referring to these bosses, Hou Xinhua said regretfully that he had hoped to win these businessmen to invest in life's greatest achievements, but has become the greatest failure.

Looking back at the whole process of their hunting, Hou Xinhua did not realize that he had fallen into a trap. However, he kept moving forward and backward in the conflict, making mistakes and fears, while comforting himself that "it will not be a problem".

"In the inadvertent intercourse, inquire into my information and make it easy for me to be good." I feel that I am a member of their interest group and run for them. "My mother was operating in the provincial capital. I didn't even tell the Secretary, but they heard it with their own sense of smell. The hotel is looking for twenty thousand yuan.

"Hunting", these businessmen will let a number of female bosses and Hou Xinhua contact. "To talk with this elegant and beautiful boss, soft and pleasant, makes me feel relaxed and happy. No wonder ancient literati often have several red confidant around him. In this way, Hou Xinhua threw away discipline and rules between the red and green wine, and fell to the gentleness again and again.

After that, the "boss" made a request to support the project. Hou Xinhua ignored the reality and forced the cooperation between subordinate counties and cities. "At that time, several counties had questioned the project and mode of cooperation, and the enthusiasm for participation was not too high. So the businessmen suggested that I should contact them. Hou Xinhua said, "At that time, in order to fully promote the project, but also to adjust two cadres who did not advance effectively, let them change their posts'experience'for a while."

Some projects are commenced repeatedly and work is shut down, and the project of hundreds of billions of dollars has aggravated the debt risks of several counties and municipalities involved. It can be seen that Hou Xinhua, who has become a "prey", is at a loss. His style also led to dissatisfaction among many cadres in Chuxiong.

What people fear is not doing wrong, what is terrible is making mistakes again and again after doing wrong, what is more terrible is blindly confident that there is no wrong after doing wrong. "I am blind and confident that I can walk by the river and never wet my shoes. I am confident that I can cope with all this with my own strength." Hou Xinhua regretted it.

The pain is better than the sorrow.

From "the regret of cheating organization" to "hurting the mother, destroying the daughter-in-law, and harming the son"

"The intestines are regretted and the liver is repentant." Hou Xinhua tried to come up with more words to describe his regret after cheating the organization. According to the personnel of the case, in the 12 days of the initial nuclear group of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for the discipline of discipline, Hou Xinhua and the initial nuclear group were flabby, vowed to swear, to pretend to be silly, and to scold the conversational staff and refuse to deal with the problem.

From the end of July 2017 to the beginning of August, when the ad hoc group talked to Hou Xinhua, he kept on saying that

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