The Beijing News: it is difficult to eliminate the power of chaos as a "black umbrella".

The Beijing News: it is difficult to eliminate the power of chaos as a

Original title: destroy the underworld umbrella and end the tragedy of Dean jumping.

If only the "black" and "protect the umbrella", it will be difficult to eliminate power and disorderly conduct, and will continue to breed more dark vines of the fish public.

Ouyang Chenyu

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission website has announced two cases involving black related corruption and "umbrella". Among them, a gang of black gangs in Langfang, Hebei province has been holding the rural grass-roots regime for a long time and seized illegal interests. Yang Guangheng, former chairman of CPPCC in Anci District of Langfang, acted as "umbrella" for gangs.

It is worth noting that the protagonist of this black gang is the partner of Yang Yuzhong, the president of Langfang City South Hospital of Langfang, who died in January this year.

At that time, Zhang Yi left a "dead letter", which referred to the partner Yang Yuzhong "coerced", and then the rise of the network Yang Yuzhong involved in evil.

At the time, there was a lot of people wondering, for more than 30 years in the Department of orthopedics research and clinical practice, in the local department of orthopedics, the well-known experts, why fell to the tragic situation of the jump? What kind of power is it that makes such a famous doctor jump? What is the role of Yang Yuzhong, the so-called partner?

The introduction of this notification, to the people still waiting for the answer: in the aaaaaaan in the evil involving the case, in addition to the first evil men in every way to "bleach", to do evil, there is a stealth and powerful "umbrella".

Because of Yang Guangheng, Cai Huayong's "greeting", Yang Yuzhong's new town hospital successfully completed the approval procedures for environmental protection, such as the Langfang Municipal Public Security Bureau Anci branch Yang tax police station director Yao Liantao, instructor He Xiaohong, deputy director Zhao Junsheng, Ji Shan Cheng "and people disaster", will not be "reported to the case" Wen Daquan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yang tax Township, and Meng Lingshen, the Secretary of the Work Committee of the North small section of the District Work Committee, "provided convenience", Yang Yuzhong was relieved to take advantage of the village street affairs.

Looking at these officials who act as "protective umbrellas" of Yang Yuzhong and other gangs, they are willing to "block the wind and rain" in the hands of the gangs in spite of their different positions and differences in jurisdiction. It is also because of their efforts to make the black and evil forces more powerful, and the victims who have been infringed and plundered by the property have been turned to no door, even on the way of no return. In the crimes committed by the gangs, it is obvious that they should also write down their sins.

Therefore, if only the black and the "protection umbrella" will not be removed, it will be difficult to eliminate power and disorderly conduct, and will continue to produce more dark vines of the fish public.

Today, Yang Guangheng, Cai Huayong, Yao Liantao, He Xiaohong, Zhao Junsheng, Ji Shancheng, Daquan, Meng Lingshen and so on act as the "umbrella" personnel of the gangs. They have been dismissal of Party membership and expulsion of public office. The party and government personnel who provide "green passage" are also seriously dealt with, and some people have been dealt with. The transfer of judicial organs is the due cost of providing power for asylum forces, and is also what the rule of law society should do.

In fact, not only these personnel, since the special struggle to eliminate the black and evil, the Hebei inspection and supervision organs at all levels have been digging up the evil corruption and "protecting umbrellas" involved in the investigation. At present, 427 people have been examined and 199 people have been punished for the party discipline. 228 people are being examined and investigated, and 20 people are taken out and transferred to the judicial organs. 13 people.

The "protection umbrella" in the end, in the end, never palliative, not only to highlight the determination of all levels of evil to do everything, but also to consolidate and deepen the results of the elimination of black and evil, indeed great.

The root of the umbrella is power rent seeking. In the anti-crime operation, investigating and punishing the "umbrella" of large and small is only a potent medicine to remove the fever and restore the normal political ecology. In the long run, we need to make further comments on further regulation of power.

Only when the power is put into the cage, the "umbilical cord" which is connected with the black and evil forces is completely cut off, and the dawn is ushered in the black and the evil, and the spirit of the rule of law can be revealed.

Ouyang morning rain (scholar)

Editor in responsibility: Huo Yuang

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