The 95 sister, Liaoning warship, was a signal Soldier: she often lost her way at first.

The 95 sister, Liaoning warship, was a signal Soldier: she often lost her way at first.

Original title: Chengdu 95 later sister "Liaoning warship" signal signal for the first time to see the aircraft carrier admit it wrong.

With two ponytails, a cap on the duck's tongue and a small muzzle, Xu Shasha, a Chengdu girl in front of the camera, looks lovely and sprouting after 95. Like her peers, she likes new and interesting things. She likes to read books and play the piano at home.

But a year ago, Xu Sasa or Qi ear's short hair, wearing a military uniform, standing on the "Liaoning ship", she is most expected every day, the general flag in the "Liaoning ship" rise, "the feeling is too proud!"

Since he grew up in Chengdu, before being a soldier, Xu never saw the sea, and after being on the "Liaoning ship", she was conquered by the vast expanse of the sea. "I saw the sea for the first time, the sea next to the Liaoning ship". Often thought of this scene, Xu Sasa can not repress the excitement of the heart.

More importantly, she was also the first female signal soldier in Sichuan to embark on the "Liaoning ship".

Watching TV dramas on military themes from childhood

Being a soldier is a dream hidden in Xu Sasa's mind from childhood. When I was young, as long as my family was playing military dramas, Xu Sasa couldn't help watching more. When the TV play "bright sword" is sowing in the country, every night, Xu Shasha and grandpa always stay in front of the TV on time. They are afraid to miss any plot. The two of them also often sit together to discuss the spirit of "bright sword". "At that time, I determined the idea that I was going to be a soldier."

In 2015, Xu Sasa, who had just completed his study at the freshman major in life science at Leshan Normal University, saw the posters of the conscription in the campus, and she filled out the registration form. At the time of the 20 year old girl, she told her family that she was going to be a soldier. Although Xu Desheng was surprised by her father, he still supported her daughter's idea. "Since there is a dream, he will try to achieve it and exercise the independence of the child." Xu Desheng said that when he was young, he also had a soldier's dream, and his daughter joined the army to help him realize his dream.

The support of the parents determined Xu Shasha's determination to be a soldier. She began to look up the information on the Internet, what the soldiers needed to train and which was the most difficult. "I want to get ready in advance. I can get into the state quickly when I am in the army."

At that time, Xu Sasa was still a dark black and long hair, and when the barber's little brother again let Xu Sasa confirm "whether to cut short hair really", the little girl had no hesitation. "But when the scissors cut my hair short, my heart still hurts." Xu Shasha said, at that time, he was always in his heart to cheer himself up. "To be a soldier is my dream. I can stay longer after my hair."

Finally, Xu Sasa cut a sister's head, "the length of the hair was in the neck." When she arrived at the army, Xu found her hair was not up to par. Finally, the army uniformly cut the length of the recruit's hair above her ears.

With the "little man style" hairstyle, Xu Sasa's longing for soldier life has officially begun.


3 kilometre runs from 21 minutes to 14 minutes

After entering the army, Xu quickly adapted to the life of the new recruits, climbing the wire mesh, shooting, catching and grappling, and the high load training, and Xu Shasha did not shout bitter and tired. When climbing the steel screen, Xu Shasha's elbow was often scratched, the weather was too hot, the wound had not been good, when the monitor asked her to ask her "is the body still suffering?" The little girl always smiled back and said, "nothing, all right."

In the real shot, when other women were frightened by the roar of live fire, Xu Shasha was still brave to train. "I was used to it. The first time I felt a robbery or a real bullet training, I was so excited that I couldn't worry about it." After a long pause, Xu Sha said, "at that time, everyone praised me for being a good gun."

However, Sasa's first frustration came from running, running three kilometers, and Xu Sasa ran for 21 minutes to become the last of the new recruits. The girl cried sadly on the runway, "the others are running well, running within 17 minutes." Xu Shasha said that when she was in college, she felt tired when she ran 800 meters. She did not expect that she would be 3 kilometers when she arrived at the army.

At that time, as long as the mention of running, Xu Sasa's heart is very stressful. In order to run into the passing line of 17 minutes, Xu Shasha clenching his teeth every day and persisted in running for over 5 kilometers. In order to keep fit, she likes to eat the steamed bread in the cafeteria. A few months later, her 3 kilometer run took 14 minutes and her weight increased by 10 jin.

"Small size, energy", this is Xu Shasha left Comrade Xue Mengfei's deepest impression. "Sasa is very hard-working and very earnest in training." Xue Mengfei said that Sasa was the "little sun" around them. When the training was very tired, Sasa would paint and graffiti them, "rarely heard her complain, always very happy."

At the end of the recruit company's training, the officer in charge of the Liaoning Ship came to select the person, and Xu Shasha went to interview and successfully entered the primary election. At that time, Xu Sasa knew very well that he needed more efforts to get to the "Liaoning ship" successfully. Since then, Sasa has redoubled his efforts in training, even in the training of "Liaoning warship".

No matter how hard the training is, every time she calls her family, the little girl always happily says, "They all praise me for my good character and fun!" "Today, I took the first place again!" "The food is good here, and I am getting fat again!"

In the end, Xu Sasa was the only woman in Sichuan province to be divided into the "Liaoning ship", and also the first female soldier on the "Liaoning ship" in Sichuan province.


The first time I saw "Liaoning warship", I felt so small.

The "Liaoning warship", who had the heart to heart, did not expect to make a big joke at the first meeting.

When Xu Shasha and other selected female soldiers came near the Liaoning ship, Xu Shasha did not recognize them. "There was a very tall ship next to us, and we all thought that was the" Liaoning ship ". When the commander of the armed forces said in silence that the boat next to the "Liaoning Ship," Xu Shasha could not help laughing: the original "Liaoning Ship" so small ah!

Really standing on the deck of the "Liaoning ship", Xu Sasa was shocked by the sight of his eyes. "Liaoning ship" was a little like a city floating on the sea. Xu Shasha, who grew up in Chengdu, was also the first to see the sea for the first time. The vastness of the sea shocked her even more than she had imagined, and she was proud that "I saw the sea for the first time, the sea beside the Liaoning ship!"

At the beginning of the "Liaoning ship", everything made Xu Shasha feel fresh. She often runs with other women soldiers on the "Liaoning ship". "It's really big. We often get lost on the road." Fortunately, every time there are enthusiastic veterans to help them guide the way, and often care about whether they have any problems in their lives. Soon, Xu Shasha adapted to the life of the "Liaoning ship".

The freshness of Liaoning ships will be boring. Every time an aircraft carrier goes to sea, all the electronic equipment can't be used. "At that time, parents can only use the phone on the aircraft carrier to call." Because the freshwater resources on the carrier are limited, Xu sometimes has ulcers in her mouth. "I'm better, others are more serious." Looking at the aircraft carrier, looking at the sea, Xu Shasha has also been lost in confusion, "I do not know why, maybe there is too big it."

During the period, Xu Sasa also formed a habit - writing a diary, she would record every day in the inside, and sometimes to spit himself, "the posture of today's training is not handsome!" He also encourages himself from time to time, "What is not a steamed bread can solve, not two, everything is the best arrangement."

As a semaphore, in addition to the daily professional knowledge, flags flapping, and maintenance of the aircraft carrier, Xu Shasha's most expected thing every day was to raise the "flag" on the Liaoning ship with his own hands. "That feeling is too proud!" Xu Shasha said that every moment the flag rises, it will feel the lofty love and respect for the motherland.

On the warship, the signal soldiers have an advantage that they can often witness the take-off and landing of "annihilate 15". Xu Shasha still remembered that scene would scream, and could not help but admire, "great! It's cool! " Standing in the "annihilate 15" not far away, looking at the handsome "walk you" posture, listening to the sound of the roar of the engine, Xu Shasha felt never shocked, "at that time 'annihilate 15' flying around the aircraft carrier to the ship." Xu Shasha said, at that moment, a sense of national pride came to life.

"Every time she watches J-15 take-off and landing, Sasha always leans over the window and stares intently, as if it were her first look." Xue Mengfei said, at that time, Sasa would always say, "I think our motherland is amazing!"


The return to campus is now being prepared for graduate study

Time flies, the last mission of military career, Xu Shasha follows Liaoning ship to Hongkong. It was the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. After the arrival of the "Liaoning Ship" in Hong Kong, many citizens queued up in the rain all night to collect tickets. On the open day of the carrier, an elderly man left a deep impression on Xu Shasha. On that day, the old man stood on the deck and said with tears in his eyes, "the motherland is strong!" Xu Shasha, standing on deck, saw tears in his eyes. "Once again, I feel the strength of my motherland in the sea." Xu Shasha said.

In September 1, 2017, Xu Shasha was officially retired. In the same month, Xu Shasha returned to Leshan Teachers College, participated in the reserve, became a military training instructor, and did what she had always wanted to do - to lead the army. As she looked up at the playground, she looked up and walked forward, as if she had seen herself and the days of flags waving on the "Liaoning ship".

After the new year's end, Xu Shasha returned to life science to continue his studies. Returning to the familiar campus, Xu Shasha's mindset has changed. "These two years as a soldier have really changed me. My mentality has matured a lot and I have a wider perspective than before."

Fang Li, the instructor, saw Xu Shasha's change. At the same time, Xu Shasha and other students who had just graduated from high school were childish, and their learning goals were not particularly clear. When the soldier returned, she saw Xu Shasha's short hair, and Fang Li's eyes lit up. "The whole person's spirit and temperament have changed, and walking feels windy."

As a soldier, Xu was delayed for two years. On her return, Xu Shasha jumped into the class and entered the class of 2016. At first, Fang Li was worried about whether Xu Shasha could adapt. Soon, Fang Li found that his fears were superfluous, and Xu Shasha was particularly active and enthusiastic, and was quick to play with the class 2016, and the learning was positive.

Xu Desheng was surprised to see his daughter's change. "He has done more than before, and he has been more considerate of his parents.

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