Dong Mingzhu said GREE 200 billion target unchanged Silver Lung will not shrink investment

Dong Mingzhu said GREE 200 billion target unchanged Silver Lung will not shrink investment

Wang Zhen Liu Gongping

In [2018, GREE electric appliances hit 200 billion yuan sales revenue target, 80% of the main task in the main industry air-conditioning.

In July 31st, Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of GREE electrical appliances, said during the opening ceremony of the GREE academician workstation that the 2018 sales revenue of GREE electric appliance was unchanged at 200 billion yuan. After the meeting, the Nanjing related enterprise silsilon Nanjing was recently blocked, and Dong Mingzhu responded to the first financial reporter that the event would not affect the development of silon.

Earlier, the Nanjing project was prosecuted for arrears and was seized by the court. In response to this, Dong Mingzhu responded in an interview with the first financial reporter, "there must be such a place that is not recognized between enterprises and enterprises, such as quality problems, which is normal. But in the course of dealing with each other, in the course of discussion and debate, this happened in the High Court, let us not expect, of course, it also quickly withdrawn. I believe that this does not affect the development of silkon. Silver Lung will not shrink investment, and I have confidence in the prospects of (silver long), because first of all, its energy storage technology is there.

A new energy industry analyst, who did not want to be named, told the first financial reporter that the current new energy auto industry is tight because of the downstream arrears of goods and a lot of upstream prepayments. In particular, companies that expand faster, such as water horse, are shrinking. In addition, the reduction of government subsidies is another important reason for the plight of the new energy vehicle industry. Subsidies are reduced, selling electric vehicles is hard to make money, and early R & D investment is large, so new energy vehicle companies are more difficult to live.

Reporter interviews learned that Yinlong's technical route is lithium titanate batteries, because the battery density is lower, it is more difficult to get government subsidies. Waterma used to supply lithium phosphate batteries to Yinlong, but because Yinlong still owes Waterma, Waterma may not be able to supply Yinlong again.

The above analysts say the concentration of the new energy passenger car market is increasing, and the new energy bus market is shrinking, so the capacity of new energy vehicles needs to be digested. New energy automobile companies need to take time to catch up with debts and catch up on receivables.

Recently, GREE in Hangzhou, a central air conditioning distributor of three grade rolls off the road, also attracted much attention. Dong Mingzhu told the first financial reporter that it had nothing to do with GREE electric. But she did not make more explanation.

On the same day, GREE electric appliances (000651.SZ), with 12000 R & D personnel, formally set up two academician workstations. Among them, the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and Professor Jiang million of Tsinghua University set up a workstation for building energy conservation academicians, and Rao Fangquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, set up a workstation for motor and control academicians.

Talking about the research direction of academician workstation, Rao Fang Quan revealed that he would work with GREE electric to study servo motor. His research direction is motor and control, closely related to servo motor. The future robot will replace part of the manpower, and the servo motor is the key part of the robot. GREE goes beyond the air conditioning area to the direction of the robot. It hopes to achieve the world's leading position in other areas besides air-conditioning.

Jiang believes that the air conditioning industry still has great room for development. First, with the warming of the climate, the demand for air conditioning continues to increase; two is the northern clean heating, the market is larger than the air conditioning refrigeration market; three is the adjustment of China's energy structure, how to help the power grid to cut peak and fill the valley is a big issue. There are great opportunities for climate change, clean heating, and the energy revolution, and academician workstations will seize these opportunities.

"More than half of 2018, in 2017 we (GREE electric) sales revenue of 150 billion yuan, 200 billion of our goals in 2018," Dong Mingzhu said, will not only pursue the goal of sales growth. With the support of these two points, there will be great room for future development. GREE is not a simple air conditioning enterprise, into a diversified industrial group, the development of support technology is imminent, the future may also set up other academician workstation.

The first financial reporter learned that GREE electric appliances have recently summoned all the head of the sales branch of the whole country to the headquarters, summing up the 2018 cold year (end of July 31st) and looking forward to the plan of the 2019 cold year.

In 2018, GREE electric appliances hit 200 billion yuan sales revenue target, 80% of the important task in the main industry air conditioning, while the first half of the half year GREE air conditioning business to achieve robust growth, the second half of the air conditioning business will continue to achieve the GREE 200 billion target contribution.

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