People's Daily Overseas Edition: quality content will become the winning trick of short video platform.

People's Daily Overseas Edition: quality content will become the winning trick of short video platform.

High quality content will become a "winning trick" for short video platforms.

Nowadays, short video is booming, and users are in favor of it. Short video clients are springing up all over the world. How can we be "arrogant" in the fierce competition of short video industry? Some people in the industry believe that having high quality content is the way to win.

"Whoever owns high quality content will have the market." Ouyang Rihui, vice president of the Chinese Internet Economic Research Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that short video has become one of the most important ways for users to express themselves vividly and vividly. The content of the video is important to the establishment of the values of the platform, the satisfaction of the needs of the users and the guidance of public opinion. High-quality content must meet three conditions: users like to see, rich content and tasteful, spread positive energy and promote the theme.

Supporting and creating high quality original content has become a major trend of short video industry, but also put forward higher requirements for the operation of short video platform. The more users upload, the more responsibility the platform will have to audit.

Ouyang Rihui believes that for short video platforms, content auditing is the "lifeline" of the platform. It determines the quality of the video content that the user sees, and embodies the value orientation, management concept and user orientation of the platform. According to industry sources, the recent short video platforms also work harder in content auditing.

"Establishing and perfecting the content audit mechanism is the guarantee for users to provide quality content. The second beat has increased the input of auditing technology and personnel, and set about establishing a reward mechanism for users to report, and the formation of a team of community supervisors. Besides, besides the three auditing bases in Beijing, Xi'an and Rugao, we also build a new audit base in Anhui. High quality content is the guarantee for long-term development of platform, and we must strengthen auditing. " Zhang Jianfeng, vice president of the second beat, said.

In the next two years, the short video industry is expected to usher in explosive growth. According to the AI Consulting survey data, the short video market in 2017 reached 5 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 183.9% over the same period last year. In the next 2 years, the short video platform will open a large number of commercialized opportunities, and the flow rate will bring a larger market growth. At the same time, with the continuous promotion of the quality of short video content marketing, the content will also appear more opportunities. It is expected that the size of short video market will exceed RMB 30 billion yuan in 2020.

"The battle of short video platform will eventually be a battle of high quality content." Zhang Jianfeng said. Ouyang Rihui reminds platform operators that using new technologies such as artificial intelligence to assist content audit can improve audit efficiency and accuracy. However, high quality content is not enough only by technical review, and manual audit is also essential.

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