People's Daily Overseas Edition: how many online tourism pits are there?

People's Daily Overseas Edition: how many online tourism pits are there?

How much is the "pit" of online travel

Summer is the peak of tourism. It is reported that Chinese tourists are creating the world's largest summer vacation market this year, with a total cost of more than 300 billion yuan. A major channel for travel is online travel platform. Online travel platform is favored by consumers with efficient and convenient services, but there are many problems exposed.

The problem of platform is still more

In the flying pigs ahead of advance reservations in from July 26th to 31st this year in Shanghai, a Econo Hotel double bed room, after a temporary receipt of notice 30 in the morning to return, must not have been reordered in the platform. However, the revised room description is not clear and misleading consumers. The consumer proposed to replace, but was asked to make up the difference of 50 yuan.

Reservations for Singapore hotels from July 16 to 20 were made and paid by the website, but no booking information was found at the hotel on the day of arrival. Contact the website customer service, can only confirm the day to check in information, then 3 days still no booking information. Since then, consumers have repeatedly communicated with the website, unable to solve the two day accommodation problem, and the website has ignored it.

Take part in the overseas tour of the way cattle travel company, and shop at the designated shopping mall arranged by the tour guide, and return to China in express delivery. After returning home, we found that the gap between commodities and the scene is very large, and inquired to the overseas consumer brush POS machine transaction record transaction address is domestic. Consumers and platforms, travel agencies have repeatedly failed to get a reply.

In Ctrip booking a Japanese Hotel, after the cancellation of the order, the hotel has a number of deductions to the consumer credit card, until the credit card amount is not enough to terminate, the withholding is more than double the price of the house. Consumers ask hotels, hotels refuse to know who is deducting money; find travel platform, platform shuffle to the hotel.

This is a tourist complaint over the past month or so. According to the people's network tourism 3. 15 complaints platform data statistics, in from July 1st to 30th, the platform received a total of 138 complaints information, involving a total of 111 online tourism enterprises, accounting for 80.4% of the total number of complaints. Among them, hotels and air tickets are still the high-risk areas, refund refund difficult, slow after-sales, overlord clauses are still hot issues. With the increase of outbound travel, there are more complaints about overseas tourism products.

The rapid development of chaos

According to this year's "China economic life survey", tourism has been the top priority for consumption in fourth consecutive years. According to the statistics of China Internet Network Information Center, the number of online travel booking users in 2017 reached 376 million, up 25.6%, and the proportion of Internet users booking train tickets, air tickets, hotels and tourist holiday products were 39.3%, 23%, 25.1% and 11.5%, respectively. This means that tourism has become a part of people's life. Booking tours through online travel platforms is becoming more and more popular. According to the relevant data, in 2017, the scale of online travel market transactions in China was 738 billion 410 million yuan, and may exceed trillion yuan in 2018.

In the face of such a big "cake", as well as the information asymmetry in the market, and the awareness of the protection of the rights and interests of consumers to be strengthened, some platforms are not hesitate to beat the ball and even use illegal means to introduce false exaggerated propaganda that do not conform to the actual situation, make use of the favorable position of the platform to formulate the overlord clause, and raise the cost of the refund and reform arbitrarily. Carrying out bundling, arbitrarily changing or cancelling the contents of orders seriously hurt the interests of consumers.

The "2018 Beijing tourism consumption market experience survey report" published in 2018 shows that there are still big problems in the online tourism platform in the "enterprise qualification display". On the display of business license, in the sample of, the proportion of "travel agency business license" is 24%, and the proportion of Ctrip Travel Network and mother donkey travel network is 0. On the display of travel agency business license, the ratio of the index is 24% in the sample of, and the ratio of the index is 0 in the sample of the travel network of Ctrip, the horse honeycomb network and the tourist network of the donkey mother.

Regulatory self-discipline must be strengthened

The "2018 Beijing tourism consumption market experience survey report" also shows that the online tourism platform has improved line information integrity and service consistency. In the 2018 online tourism platform information release results, Beijing's one-day tour experience score of 93.75, the whole journey experience score of 80, performance is better than the 75 last year.

Multiple online travel platforms are also more active in responding to complaints. For example, a survey in September 2017 showed that the recovery rate of the platform was 100% and the recovery time was also shortened. On the 3. 15 complaint platform of people's network tourism, the related platform also responded positively to consumers.

This is due to the strict supervision of the online tourism market in recent years, such as the implementation of "travel agency products third party network trading platform management and service requirements" in 2014, and local governments are actively formulating regulations on the regulation of the development of tourism industry. At the same time, some large online tourism platforms are paying close attention to their own standard construction. However, industry insiders generally believe that to solve the problem of online tourism, we still need to improve laws and regulations and play a platform role in sustained efforts.

The legislative departments should improve the relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, clearly define the rights and obligations between the operators, the operators and the consumers, and formulate specific operating norms for the supervision of the online tourism industry, which can not allow the operators to blame the responsibility; at the same time, the industry standards such as the quality standards of the online tourism service are accelerated. The regulatory authorities should also focus on regulating the operators' behavior through the Internet to publish tourism management information, and to monitor the contract format provisions provided by the operators in the form of electronic data.

Online travel platform needs to fulfill the obligation of "first duty person" conscientiously, law-abiding management, integrity and self-discipline. It should also play its due role in standardizing the industrial chain, such as making strict access standards, strictly grasping the qualification examination, ensuring the realization of the right to know and the right to choose the consumers.

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