The red female anchor openly laughed at the Nanjing massacre in the three provinces.

The red female anchor openly laughed at the Nanjing massacre in the three provinces.

On July 31, Chen Yifaer, the female anchorwoman of Pitfish Net, made fun of the Nanjing massacre, which became a hot topic on micro-blog, and the incident continued to ferment.

At noon on July 31st, @ Jiangsu net police announced micro-blog, said to be reported by netizens. In the early live broadcast, Chen Yifa, the host of the live broadcast platform, had made the Nanjing massacre, the three provinces in the eastern three provinces, as a joke. There are also netizens said that Chen Yifa is still in the game, the game characters action play known as "Yasukuni Shrine," causing many netizens serious discontent.

Jiangsu network police warned that, in the process of direct seeding, the network owner should make an example, do not challenge the moral bottom line, overstep the legal red line, the platform should also strengthen management, not because of improper management, letting go of the fire.

It was just 10 minutes after the release of the Jiangsu web police micro-blog. @ Chen Yi Fa issued an apology statement in personal micro-blog. The statement said it apologized to the public for making a false statement on a historical event in a video in 2016, and apologized for the cynicism published by micro-blog during the 2010-2011 year period, and said that it would voluntarily accept revolutionary education and enhance its awareness.

A few minutes after the @ Chen hair's apology statement was released, @ the micro-blog Bulletin of the live platform for fish fighting on the Internet recently posted a video of the wrong speech made by Chen one in 2016, which was not consistent with the values that the fighting fish had persisted in. And deeply reflect on it.

In response to this incident, the fight fish platform is processed as follows:

1. The fighting fish decided to request the director Chen Yi Fa to conduct live content rectification.

2, carry out self-examination and self correction of the platform, conduct a comprehensive inventory of the live content of the platform, and tolerate zero violations and erroneous comments.

3, further strengthen the content audit force, expand the content audit team, start the part-time recruitment work, set up an efficient user reporting team, the first time to deal with the broadcast violation content.

As one of the important carrier of network communication, the fighting fish will continue to strengthen the self trial, strengthen the management of the host, standardize the main broadcast, guide and disseminate more positive energy, actively disseminate the green live content, let the main melody and positive energy lead the network space, in order to build the clean air and create clear and clear network space. We assume corporate responsibility and social responsibility.

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