When the man saw the nickname "mistress", the live broadcast turned 1314 yuan and was immediately pulled black.

When the man saw the nickname

Original title: Video tricked cheated thousand yuan is not reconciled to the two men were processed like a hoax 1 million 200 thousand

Some time ago, Xiao Wu in Yangzhou painted a "beautiful woman" in the live platform, the face value is quite high, Xiao Wu was immediately fascinated! Beautiful face is very high, nickname is "mistress," and commented that adding WeChat friends can double the money back. Xiao Wu still had a ghost, so he added WeChat to the other side, and soon passed.

In the chat, the other party said he was 24 years old and was raised by a rich man. Now she was pregnant, because he did not want to get a baby and got a 500 thousand compensation fee. Xiao Wu, who was so obsessed with his heart, hurriedly said that he was very sympathetic to each other's experience. He did not expect the next beautiful woman to surprise him.

Xiao Wu: "she and I said that now I see the red dust, 500 thousand of the compensation fee does not want, as long as someone to her WeChat transfer, she returned to the other ten times the amount of money has been spent so far."

Big beauty broke through the dust, and the account was returned to ten times. Xiao Wu was completely moved and tried to turn a piece of money to the other side.

Xiao Wu: "she took the money, but did not give me the 10 times, and then told me not to waste time again, 500 thousand of the money is not much, this small money will not retreat, or turn lucky numbers, either 520, or 1314."

Nevertheless, Xiao Wu did not suspect the other side. He immediately transferred 520 yuan to the beauty WeChat, but he did not get the return. Xiao Wu quickly asked why, the beautiful woman said that since turned 520, another lifetime, that is, 1314 yuan, she immediately returned.

Xiao Wu believed and transferred 1314 yuan, but after receiving the money, he still had no reply. He also pulled Xiao Wu black. Xiao Wu realized that he was fooled and immediately called the police.

The police judge that the beauty video on the live platform is certainly not a liar himself. According to the micro signal provided by Xiao Wu, they found that the money of Xiao Wu was quickly transferred to a bank account, the open house in Huaiyuan County, Anhui, and then the money was transferred to a bank card in Longhui County of Hunan. The police found that the money was then transferred to another local bank card in Hunan.

Zai Huaxi, deputy director of the Meiling police station: "these accounts also entered another bank card in Shaoyang, Hunan, and then we found the card back to the first card in Longhui, Shaoyang."

Police found that the stolen money was exchanged between the two bank cards three times, and finally returned to Longhui County bank card. After investigation, the two card holders are Hu Mou and Xie Mou of Longhui County, Shaoyang City, Hunan, and two are nineteen years old. After in-depth investigation of these two bank cards, the police found more suspicious facts.

Zai Huaxi, deputy director of the Meiling police station: "we checked the accounts of the victims before and after three months, and found that between the two accounts for three months, there are tens of thousands of times, the amount involved is estimated to be up to millions."

Police suspect that this about one million is likely to be cheated by the stolen money, immediately, the police rushed to two people to carry out the implementation of the arrest, although it was empty, but in Hu's home, the police found hundreds of telephone cards, dozens of mobile phones, and some card reader.

Finally, Hu and Xie were forced to surrender themselves to the police under pressure. It is reported that the two are classmates, and now they have been studying at home.

After interrogation, Hu, Xie Mou confessed, two people had been deceived more than 1000 pieces by similar means before, in order to earn back the money of deception, the two young people who were less than twenty years old, produced a bad deception of "second milk" beauty, just three months of time to deceive about one million and two hundred thousand, deceived people all over the country.

In this way, the two people went to the evil way. Despite their own belief that deception is very low-level, what surprised them is that they are being cheated. Every time he gets his hand, two people will immediately change a mobile card to register WeChat to continue to commit a case. The reason why the stolen money is exchanged between the two bank cards is exactly the way they are deceiving themselves.

At present, two people have been detained by the police on suspicion of fraud, and the case is under further investigation.

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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