Men go to work in a car accident company: breaking the system ahead of time is not a work-related injury.

Men go to work in a car accident company: breaking the system ahead of time is not a work-related injury.

Original title: man in the morning to work in a car accident company: early work violation system, not industrial injury

According to Modern Express, Wang Mou, a man living in Rudong, Nantong, works from 6 a.m., but he arrives at work at 5 a.m. every day. In the near future, Wang was in a car accident when he went out. The company believes that it should not be identified as work-related injury if it violated the company's system and went to work ahead of schedule. Modern Express reporter learned that in July 30th, Rudong County People's social bureau decided such a case.

According to reports, Wang is a staff and worker of a technology limited company in Rudong County, engaged in the company's office area cleaning work, his working hours for 6:00 to 11:00 a.m. In order to do his job well, he goes to work at 5 o'clock every day, and his colleagues can confirm it.

At 4:40 in June 14th this year, he went to work on an electric car. On the way, he was hit by a fast motorbike with a moving direction. He fell down on the spot, injured his left leg, and was diagnosed as a fracture by the hospital. The county traffic police department decided that he was not responsible for the accident. After the injury, he applied for a work injury identification to the county people's Bureau.

According to the materials and conditions provided by Wang, the county people's social bureau decided to accept the case on the spot. The next day, he sent someone to the company and the police department to investigate and obtain evidence. In July 27th, he made a decision on Wang's accident injury and issued a decision on the identification of work injury.

In the morning of July 30th, the company received a decision. After reading the person in charge, he called Xu Feng, the chief of the medical insurance Department of the county bureau. He claimed that Wang was in violation of the rules and regulations of the company in advance and should not be identified as a work injury. The director of Xu, which publicize the provisions of the fourteenth articles of the "industrial injury insurance regulations" and sixth items, patiently and meticulously explained the legal interests of the workers' departments and the judicial department that are generally inclined to protect the workers and workers. The employees are in advance to work in order to use the interests of the people and have internal relations with their duties and to perform their duties. Act. A traffic accident which is mainly responsible for a person who is not on his way to work is generally recognized as a work-related injury. However, workers are not identified as work-related injuries as a result of traffic accidents on the way back.

For the propaganda and explanation of the chief Xu, the person in charge said that he could understand and accept it, and no longer put forward the objection.

Source: Modern Express

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