Taiwan authorities clamored to oppose the mainland.

Taiwan authorities clamored to oppose the mainland.

Original title: should the Taiwan authorities want to oppose the mainland? The trick is ridiculous and unlawful.

Because "Taiwan independence" made the so-called "nominal referendum" caused by the cancellation of the East Asian National Games, the Taiwan authorities, who have been alleged to have been "suppressed" by the mainland, have repeatedly called for "anti system"...

A few days ago, the Taiwan Land Commission called the golden Xiamen water diversion ceremony, originally scheduled for August 5th, on the grounds of "unsuitable time". This project was intended to solve the drinking water problem in Jinmen by introducing water from Xiamen.

The Land Commission claims that the mainland has "led to the suspension of the East Asian Youth Games in the Taiwan Strait and has a negative impact on the cross-strait relations" in the near future. "I hope the government of Jinmen county will take the overall situation as its priority".

This decision immediately triggered strong criticism from local people and Taiwan's public opinion.

"There is no water, the golden gate is finished!" Chen Jinfu, a well-known specialist in Kinmen, said he felt "dead" when he heard the call cards of the East Asian Youth Games and the opening ceremony because it was a hard knock. He worried that if the matter was not handled well, no one would be willing to invest in Jinmen.

Even the people's livelihood projects have been taken as "targets" by the Taiwan authorities, and it is no wonder that the public opinion in the island rebounded. Some people mention their own experience, four or five years as a soldier in Kinmen knew the suffering of no water to drink, and now the mainland can help Kinmen residents Cai authorities are not appreciated?

The response of the Jinmen county government to the Taiwan authorities is also quite strong. According to Taiwan's "United newspaper" reported that Chen Fuhai, Jinmen county magistrate, 29 days clapper decided, the opening ceremony of the August 5th opening ceremony, water, "please people to put one hundred and twenty hearts". Xu Zhengfang, director of Jinmen water plant, pointed out that water is the result of all human resources accumulated over the past 20 years by both sides of the Straits. It should be the highest principle to enable the opening of water, and it is also the most consistent with the interests of all the people of Jinmen.

After the county government made the decision to open the water on schedule, the Taiwan Land Commission began to "play tricks" and refused to acknowledge the existence of "opening ceremony".

Regarding the Taiwanese authorities'practices, Kuomintang spokesman Hong Mengkai questioned Taiwanese on both sides of the Strait who were blocked on "domestic violence." Is it okay for the Cai authorities to punish their own people? Huang Zhixian, a veteran media man, mocked that "only Kinmen are allowed to drink mainland water, but you are not allowed to shout? No thank you. "This is a trivial order."

In June 2013, the association of the mainland China Sea Association agreed with the Taiwan sea base, and the Jinmen water supply is a water purchase contract signed by the Jinmen water plant and the water supply company of Fujian province. The water source is introduced from the mainland to solve the urgent need of the groundwater. As a matter of fact, a few months ago, both Jinsha and Xiamen had tried to pass water.

No wonder there are comments on the island that "there are ancient ways to hide our ears and steal the bell. Now we have hidden our faces and diverted water." Apart from the fact that no payment has yet been paid, people in Kinmen are actually using water from the mainland.

Taiwan scholars say that since the Democratic Progressive Party authorities want to "counter" the continent, why do not interrupt the "water that has already been opened", from the "ceremony" such a small place to start, only to prove that the Taiwan authorities can only play virtual, no chips against the mainland.

In the view of the China Times of Taiwan, Cai Yingwen's move shows that the authorities are unable to solve the demand for water for Jinmen alone. They must rely on the mainland, but they are not willing to highlight the cross straits cooperation at this time. It has to be taken so as to thoroughly reflect the incompetence and ineffectiveness of its cross-strait policies, "even to carry out the ideology." At the expense of people's rights and interests, the irresponsible style of chips. "

According to Taiwan media, the Taiwan authorities also refused to shut out landowners only when they were partly open to the public.

In view of the recent "anti mainland" action by the Taiwan authorities, a net friend in the island denounced, "the mainland to Taiwan really has a sense of love, but the Taiwan (authorities) has been fraudulent to the mainland, who is sorry who is well aware of it." There are other netizens who really hurt Cai Yingwen's administration.

On July 25th, the spokesman of the National Taiwan office, Ann Feng Shan, answered the question that the East Asian Olympic Association decided to cancel the 2019 East Asian Youth Games because of some political forces and "Taiwan independence" elements in Taiwan, to promote the so-called "Tokyo Olympic referendum" under the DPP authorities, and to challenge the "Olympic model", so that Taichung 2 The 019 East Asian Youth Games are facing enormous political risks and political interference. The abolition of the 2019 East Asian Youth Games in Taichung is the correct decision made by the East Asian Olympic Association.

An Feng Shan points out that we have repeatedly advised the Democratic Progressive Party authorities, not to challenge the one China principle, destroy the relations between the two sides of the Straits, damage the interests of the Taiwan compatriots and harm the interests of the Chinese nation. However, they turned a deaf ear to it.

He stressed that we would like to persuade the Democratic Progressive Party authorities again to return to the road of peaceful development of cross-strait relations based on the "92 consensus", and not to harm and sacrifice the interests of the people of Taiwan for the sake of political private interests, and not to continue to provoke the hostility between the two sides of the Straits, to raise the confrontation between the two sides of the Straits, and to carry out the illusions and illusions of the cross straits. Think, do not understand.

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