Taiwan athletes issued a rejection of the Olympic referendum: I do not want to have no stage.

Taiwan athletes issued a rejection of the Olympic referendum: I do not want to have no stage.

[global times Taipei special correspondent in Taipei] some people in Taiwan launched the "2020 Tokyo Olympic referendum" that led to the loss of the East Asian Youth Games. Many athletes expressed their dissatisfaction with the "famous movement" and defended their rights and interests in the international arena.

Liu Weiting, a famous Taiwanese Taekwondo athlete, won the silver medal in the 2016 Asian Championships and the bronze medal in the 2017 Universiade 80 kg class. According to the Taiwan joint news network in July 31st, he said in Facebook that he was not only worried about losing the right to host, but that more and more people did not know what was good for the athletes. He said, "I am a taekwondo athlete and participated in many international competitions. When I was playing, I wore Taipei or TPE for short. When I fought for a long time at the podium, I saw not the red flag on the day, but the Chinese Olympic Committee of the Taipei Olympic Committee and the Chinese Olympic Committee, which we called the national flag song. He said, he also said why not to be in the name of "Taiwan" or "the Republic of China", but to understand a few simple but important conditions, we can understand the reality of international sports: one is that "China Taipei" is the name of the Lausanne agreement signed in 1981; the two is the Charter of the International Olympic Committee, if the meeting is to be changed. Third, the state Olympic Committee acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee is required to be a member of the United Nations or the International Red Cross, "in a word, if we want to be in the name of Taiwan, we can not participate in the Olympic, Asian Games, the world championships and the Asian Championships. International competition. Liu Weiting said that some people may think that athletes are evil, but "standing in my position, I would rather compete in Taipei, China, than without a stage... Not only me, every athlete pays his youth, but he spent most of his life fighting for a card. If it takes so long to find out, even if I have the strength can not come to these arena competitions, then what am I training bitter or what? Finally, he said, "I am Liu Weiting, one of the Chinese players who are going to Indonesia for the Asian Games in August this year. I would like to say that I would rather maintain the status quo and fight on the international stage in the name of the Chinese team and the Chinese Taipei team than risk not being able to compete.

Liu Weiting was scolded by some netizens as "short-sighted, near-sighted and selfish" after publishing the article, the United News Network said. He had not been able to resist the huge speech attack, and had to delete the above article, but he quickly returned to the Facebook to say, "there is no ability to stand on the issue in the world," "it is the political people to work hard, not the athletes can change." There are also a lot of people who believe that as an athlete, the most important thing is the game, that is, the stage. "The athlete's career is limited, the great 20 years, this is absolutely not a sentence 'but less than a match." Others say, "come on, you are the real voice for Taiwan". In addition, Chen Weiling, a famous weightlifter in Taiwan, also spoke in a small paragraph on the face book. "God bless the athletes and give them the stage to compete with their strength."

Facing the voice of athletes, the "Taiwan independence" elements remain unmoved. According to the joint news network, "the Tokyo Olympic Games Taiwan League action alliance" held the "East Asian Youth Games". Ji Zheng, the sponsor of the referendum, claimed that "supporting the referendum does not mean supporting Taiwan independence" and urged supporters to break 350,000 people in the second stage of the joint venture. In this regard, the former "Standing Committee" grandson commented that Dai Ziying (Taiwan badminton player, singles world ranking first), Xie Shuwei (Taiwan famous tennis player) and Ceng Junxin (the first Taiwan player in the Wimbledon young men's single king of Taiwan) were not willing to be destroyed by "Taiwan's light". He said that an athlete is ready to be ready to use the power of the flood in the international arena one day. "How can you take away the dreams of these athletes today?" Under the current tense cross-Straits situation, the "nominal referendum" will certainly be regarded as the standard "Taiwan independence" behavior in Beijing. "Do you want to hide the bell here, try to disguise it, you and the cowardly group of Taiwanese independence elements really take the world as an idiot?" Su Jiaxiang, assistant professor of Sports University, also called for politicians to keep a pure space for athletes to keep a pure space for athletes to stay in the International Olympic Committee and to "cherish the space that we can win for." Those who engage in Taiwan independence and those who want to be named must stay away from sports circles.

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