10 fire hydrants in the fire lane of the community residents are not out of the water.

10 fire hydrants in the fire lane of the community residents are not out of the water.

Original title: the 10 fire hydrants in the fire at the fire in the home do not even come out of the water.

On July 30, Mr. Wen called Chongqing Morning Post 966966 hotline. On the afternoon of July 29, a fire broke out in the C District of Caijialiangjiang residence in Beibei District. After the neighbor's alarm, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Careful owners found that the fire on the two floors, hydrants can not water, and some hydrants do not even have water. Mr. Wen said frankly that they are very worried about living in such a district with hidden dangers.

Fire hydrants do not water, owners worry that there are security risks.

In the afternoon of July 31st, the news of the upper reaches of the Chongqing morning newspaper came to the residential district of two rivers, and went into the building of the fire. There were still some black ashes on the 23 and 24 floors, and the top of the 24 building was burnt black and shedding.

The two doors of the fire had been replaced, but the house was not burned because it was too heavy to burn.

In the District, Mr. Lu, the owner, told reporters that the fire he found was on that day and called the alarm phone. Around 5 p.m. on July 29, he was about to go out to buy vegetables. As soon as he reached the aisle, he heard a sound, "like the sound of a pressure cooker blowing out." Then he saw the smoke coming out of the house next door and realized that it was a fire. He immediately called 119 for help.

The fire officers and soldiers quickly arrived at the scene, and the fire was controlled after an hour.

Some owners found that the fire hydrant on the 23 and 24 floors of the fire could not come out of the water, and some hydrants did not even have a fire hose. "If the fire facilities are complete, the fire may be controlled earlier."

Owner Lee said that fire hydrants were usually posted outside the property reminder - "no fire alarm." In their view, this is the property is concerned that people usually damage the fire equipment inside. But this time I knew that the equipment was not perfect, even the hose was not.

Owners can't help worrying about what to do in the future.

10 hydrants do not come out of water, only two have water bands.

At the 23 and 24 floors of the fire, the reporter saw the fire hydrant being opened to be smoked, and the fire hydrant was not used, because there was no water gun or water belt.

The reporter looked at ten fire hydrants on the two storeys, and found that there were no water guns. Only two fire hydrants had water bands.

"The pressure gauge is bad, but it can't be turned off." The owner turned the valve open in front of reporters, and there was no fire coming out.

Notes to the Fire Hydrant Inspection Record Form posted in the building show that the quantity was not found missing or damaged during the inspection, and the "intact" form was filled in.

"If a fire breaks out, you can't organize yourself for the first time!" The owners were very angry to see that the hydrant could not be used properly. There are also owners believe that the property management initially must be equipped with water pistols and water bands, and may be stolen by thieves. "But the problem of hydrant not coming out of water should really be reviewed."

The property does not receive interviews, and is equipped with water bands and annunciator overnight.

The same day in the afternoon, the news of the upper reaches of the Chongqing morning newspaper contacted the Chongqing deep China World Trade Center property management company limited by the two river dwellings. One staff member said that the leader was not in, she was not clear about the situation and was inconvenient to accept the interview.

At 8 o'clock that evening, the owners of two rivers' houses sent videos and pictures to reporters. The owner explained that the video is the residential property staff with water belt, water gun, cotton in each fire hydrant in the installation, they start from the top floor, put down these fire equipment, and staff to install manual alarm button, "now I know to fill the prison."

Reporters call the property phone again, trying to understand the situation of overnight installation, but no one answered.

Upstream news, Chongqing Morning Post reporter Li Nana, intern of money.

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