Ice Cola fell on the ground picked up after exploding 20 year old boy's fingers fractured

Ice Cola fell on the ground picked up after exploding 20 year old boy's fingers fractured

Original title: ice Cola fell on the ground picked up after exploding 20 year old boy fingers blown fracture

Xiaoxiang Morning News News, the hot summer, a variety of ice cold drink became the people's summer "deity", but drinking cold drinks do not pay attention to the words, not only affect health, but also the risk of injury, Changsha boy Xiao Yuan was fried into a fracture of ice cola.

Xiao Yuan, a 20 year old junior college student in a university in Changsha, has rented a room in Changsha during the summer vacation to give foreign language training for going abroad. Before dinner on July 29, Xiao Yuan, as usual, took out a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator of the rental room to drink, and accidentally dropped the plastic bottle on the ground. Just as he picked it up and opened the lid, the Coke bottle exploded suddenly, opening a hole about 7 cm long in the opening of his left hand.

The fierce pain let Xiao Yuan send a scream, the family news come to see, see only his wound blood flow, the injured left hand can not move, immediately he was sent to the Hunan People's Hospital emergency department, the doctor for his wound emergency treatment. X-ray examination found that Xiao Yuan's left thumb proximal phalangeal bone fracture, the need for surgical fixation, so he was admitted to the traumatic orthopaedic ward.

At 10 o'clock in the evening, the deputy director of the traumatized orthopedics department, vice director of the Department of the Department of traumatized orthopedics, performed "left hand debridement exploration, open reduction of left thumb proximal phalanx fracture and Kirschner pin fixation". The operation lasted for 2 hours. After surgery, Xiao Yuan's left hand needs to be immobilized with plaster for 4~6 weeks.

"Unexpectedly, drinking a bottle of ice Cola has led to such serious consequences." Xiao Yuan said that he was not only suffering from heavy physical injuries, but also affected by intense learning and life. More seriously, the doctor introduced that due to the deep wound and large wound of Xiao Yuan, scar contracture may appear in the future, which affects the joint activity of the injured finger.

Experts remind you should pay attention to the storage of drinks in the summer. Do not put beer or carbonated drinks in the freezer's freezer. Many carbonated drinks or beer are clearly marked "not to be heated or frozen below 0". If you want to drink a cold drink, you might as well pour the drink into a larger container, then put it in the refrigerator, or directly add ice cubes, so that both delicious and safe.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning paper

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