The second day of tank competition is now critical to Kazakhstan's anti super China team.

The second day of tank competition is now critical to Kazakhstan's anti super China team.

Original title: Tank competition second day results appear key change, Kazakhstan team against China team

After the decision was revised, Kazakhstan's 2nd EMU temporarily ranked first in the group with a second lead over China's 2nd EMU, and the 2nd in total.

In July 30th, the two tank competition was held in the third day competition in Arabia, Moscow, Russia, and the Chinese team sent second car groups and 602 cars on the day of the second games, with the same group of Kazakhstan, Uganda and Kuwait. Finally, China's second car team won the team's first good results in 20 minutes and 59 seconds, and broke the record of the first group of 21 points in the first match of the 28 day. In the same group, the Kazakhstan second train crew got the group second by 21 minutes and 47 seconds.

However, according to the latest news released by the official website, the completion time of the second car group in Kazakhstan has been adjusted to 20 minutes and 57 seconds, while the completion time of China's second car group was adjusted to 20 minutes and 58 seconds. As a result, the Kazakhstan second vehicle group ranked first in the first second seconds of China's second cars and ranked the first in the group.

It is reported that in the 30 day of the competition, China's second car group 96B main battle tank maximum speed of 70 kilometers, in the shooting link, the main gun three all, high shot machine gun hit, and the machine gun is not. And the Kazakhstan team played very well. The main guns were shot in the middle, the machine was not high and the machine hit. But from the time and time of the Kazakhstan second car group to be adjusted to lose 50 seconds, the high shot machine gun shooting of the second car group in Kazakhstan should be judged as the hit.

At present, after the adjustment, the top three of the two single tank competition of the tank is 19 minutes and 37 seconds of the first group of Russia, 20 minutes and 57 seconds of Kazakhstan's second car group, and 20 minutes and 58 seconds of the Chinese second car group.

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