Russian Tomahawk should be packaged with light duty package to sell Chinese experts: Russia's wishful thinking

Russian Tomahawk should be packaged with light duty package to sell Chinese experts: Russia's wishful thinking

Original title: the Russian version of Tomahawk should be packaged with the light care package. Chinese experts say it is Russia's wishful thinking.

[global network military August 1st], according to Russian media in July 30th, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister recently said that Russia will provide its latest, "caliber" Cruise Missile Light escort to foreign customers such as China, India and Vietnam. However, Chinese experts said that China's "interest" in the light shield and its "caliber" cruise missiles was probably a wishful thinking of the Russian side.

An anonymous Chinese military expert told the global times that both the light frigate itself and the cruise missile were not very attractive to China. It is not difficult for Chinese shipbuilding industry to manufacture the frigate at that level. As far as missiles are concerned, China has been equipped with the "long sword / East China Sea -10" cruise missile, and it is not difficult to equip it to the existing 054 frigates and 052D destroyers. The "long sword -10" series has made a good head for China cruise missile. On this basis, the "long sword -20" can be launched by air based platform. The series of cruise missiles have a good foundation. China can continuously optimize on this basis, gradually form the series of land sea submarine platform, instead of purchasing similar cruise missiles in other countries. In addition, the Russian version of the "calibre" cruise missile has a maximum range of about 1500 kilometres, but Russia is a signatory to the "missile and its technology control system", which is basically unable to export more than 300 kilometers and the warhead weighs more than 500 kilograms of cruise missiles. To export a caliber cruise missile, it is necessary to reduce its range to less than 300 kilometers. Such a cruise missile is of little significance to China. In addition, the interface and route planning equipment of the missile is also difficult to be compatible with the Chinese active ship launcher.

But the expert said that the need to pay attention to "caliber" and the frigate are likely to export to Vietnam. Because of its strong ability to strike the ground targets with a strong ability to strike and have a certain penetration ability, even if Vietnam is only a "caliber" cruise missile equipped to reduce the range, it will also greatly improve its strategic Strike ability, especially on the targets on the South China Sea reefs. China must pay close attention to the export trend of relevant missiles and warships and take timely measures to strengthen the deployment of relevant air defense forces. (Li Qiang)

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