Fight too much: we are fighting hard to beat ourselves.

Fight too much: we are fighting hard to beat ourselves.

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A lot of dialogue, CEO Huang Zheng: platform Shanzhai is more serious than fake.

A lot of Huang Zheng: the negative impact on sales may not be improved.

Direct attack Huang Zheng: Shanzhai problem is more serious than counterfeit in a month.

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43 days, 3 media communication sessions, this is a lot of more than three years to set up all the external public voice. From silence to initiative, Pingduo reflects the changes of its current environment behind the changes in external communication strategies. Although 3-year-old Pindo is young, it is not small in size, so as the founder of Pindo Huang Emei said, listing is for better acceptance of social supervision. However, Huang Zheng did not think much of it, and the supervision from the public plunged him into the vortex of public opinion.

From cottage appliances, 14.5 yuan, 15 rolls of paper, fake Moutai, pirated books to peck shoes. From the SKYWORTH of rights protection to the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie, the quality problem of many platform products attracts much attention from the society. In July 31st, just on the market was put on the "let China beat back twenty years" label of the label, in Shanghai headquarters to convene media communication, in response to recent questions and to "cry out" for themselves.

In an interview with reporters including the Daily Economic News, CEO Huang Emei admitted that the problem of Shanzhai is that it is not good enough to spell too much.

Argument one: is it suspected of selling fake? Huang Zheng: the manufacturer cannot rely on the blockage, but also has to dredge

In fact, the media meeting was held for the first time since it was established in June 18th, and media meetings were held in July 31st. Huang was asked the most questions by the media on whether the platform was suspected of selling fake goods and inferior products. In the hours before the IPO bell, he talked about the daily economic news reporter and talked about how to deal with the quality of the platform after the market. He thinks, "the required stage can not be leaped, like the bitterness eaten by the Alibaba, it is to eat, but relative (in terms of), what pit we know, may solve the problem faster, the experience of the predecessors have certain reference."

The ideal is beautiful, but the reality is slightly cruel. The speed of solving many problems is obviously not as fast and violent as that of public opinion storms. Along with the capital push and the stock price soaring, Pingduo has entered the public view since the day of listing, and has sounded the alarm of integrity on the social media platform.

In July 28th, SKYWORTH announced that it had paid attention to the sale of counterfeit SKYWORTH brands on a large number of platforms and asked them to stop selling counterfeit behavior; in July 29th, Zheng Yuanjie, a fairy writer, said by micro-blog that there were sellers who sold pirated Pipiru books on many platforms, and were suspected of violating their copyright.

For the allegations of SKYWORTH, many co founder dada used several "impossible" to fight for a lot of complaints. Dada showed the WeChat group dialogue with SKYWORTH company, and listed the cooperation nodes in chronological order. In June 20th, the chief executive of SKYWORTH also visited a lot of headquarters and discussed the problem of system docking. Everything seemed to be going well, but SKYWORTH "turned over" on the night of a lot of listing, and made a declaration of rights without communication.

Dada said, "we have been learning the history and experience of Taobao for 18 years. We hope that we can solve and standardize the problem of the white card machine with the major platforms of the industry."

In the view of Huang Zheng, the recent controversy over a large number of Shanzhai appliances is due to the excess capacity of many industries. Many small and medium-sized enterprises want to sell products through the way of rubbing flow, and people will be shaken in the face of short-term interests. Therefore, "like the Dayu water control to dredge these white label manufacturers, you can not just rely on plugging, but also rely on persuasion."

At the same time, Huang also said that he is willing to hand in hand to all Chinese brand TV manufacturers to comb the television "famous brand" phenomenon governance scheme, as well as the United China White brand television industry belt, to explore the brand development strategy.

However, the low price method aims at many women in the low-level cities, and the "Shanzhai" seems to be the mark that it is hard to get rid of. But just when the listing, encountered such a large area of public opinion controversy, inevitably let Huang E mouth of this "three-year-old child" some can not stand up. Dada called this storm of public opinion "a public opinion attack that can be included in the annals of history". The reason why it is identified as "attack" is mainly because most of the network news in the collage seems to be completely false, some network paragraph exposing the problem of goods, is purely a Kuso.

Argument two: the platform is out of duty? Huang Zheng: we have been serious for taking a fake

Fast development is probably the most profound feeling of most people in the process of growing up. There has been a media description, 100 billion of GMV, the Jingdong used 10 years, used 8 years, Taobao used 5 years, more than a lot of two years and three months, this is the best proof of the rapid development of a lot. Perhaps because of the rapid development, the public's expectation of the platform also has the corresponding "emotional appeal", after listing more and more a "let the Chinese beat back twenty years" label.

"Fake is a problem of human nature." In response, dada responded, "counterfeit problem is a social problem, so it is unfair to let 3 years old take too many commitments." Dada said, "for white brand TV sets and infant milk powder, we have to make clear what the two industries are in the end, it is not one thing to play, and the other people from the supply chain, to the downstream sales, together to fight, fake goods will be less and less. "

Some industry insiders have said fraudulently that fake goods will not be the hindrance of future development, after all, before the road Ali has gone. According to the data, in January 2015, the Alibaba was subjected to a collective lawsuit in the United States. The fuse was the "white paper" issued by the General Administration of industry and Commerce of China, which referred to the sale of counterfeit goods by the Taobao in Ali banner. Although the lawsuit was dismissed by the U.S. District Court in June of the following year, the indirect effect on Ali was that more than $30 billion of market value was evaporated on four trading days. Since then, Ali has invested more money and energy in the fake work, and has set up a special "fake team", and the impact of such events on Ali's market value has also been decreasing year by year.

But it is not just Ali who has much to learn from. in the early years was also the top honor of all kinds of glory, 4 years after the founding of the New York Stock Exchange listed, the opening price of $22, more than now more than a lot. However,'s stock market performance has been on the decline due to numerous false incidents. Up to now, shares can only hovered between 2~3 dollars.

Is it just like Ali breaking and standing like that or being trapped like It depends on the success of the future.

Jia Lu Lu, an assistant analyst for the legal rights and interests Department of the electronic commerce research center, told the daily economic news reporters that many factors such as large selling profit, low cost of selling fake, difficulty in supervising, buying fake and high cost of rights and so on, have contributed to the spread of fake goods in e-commerce platform.

At the same time, Jia Lu Lu believes that the phenomenon of the flood of platform counterfeit is not a problem of a platform. This phenomenon fundamentally shows the lagging of the law on new things and new phenomena in society. It is not completely solved overnight, and it is not to be oversent to single platform governance.

How do you fight a lot of counterfeiting in the future? "We have been particularly serious about counterfeiting." Huang said, "these days are not only competitors, there are all kinds of people in the overall supervision of us, from the long term also save us a lot of human and material resources, because all of the problems have been found out, the next question is how we step by step. There is a sense that I am stronger than I can do with my eyebrows and beards.

In an early interview with the media, Huang Emei said that since April 2016, Jiduo began to plan to increase its efforts to fight against holidays. But the conflict intensified after dozens of counterfeit suppliers were found among more than 40,000 suppliers and the corresponding payments were frozen.

"Block the door of the company, do not let our employees enter, hit and threaten in the office area." At the "100 CEOs Summit of the New Economy" held in April 2017, Huang E, as an invited guest on the spot, expressed the company's business problems. By June this year, similar events were still on. According to media reports, on June 13, some businessmen went to the headquarters of Puerto Shanghai to defend their rights, the two sides had a physical conflict.

The "daily economic news" news reporter's "fake goods handling rules" noted that if the platform found that the business is suspected of selling fake goods, it will deal with one or more of the three measures by implementing temporary shelves goods, temporary increase in margin amount and limit store funds. Businessmen need to give evidence once within 7 working days after receiving the platform notification. If the evidence is insufficient, they need to give evidence twice within 5 working days. Once the platform determines the fact that the merchant sells fake facts, the merchant is not paying the consumer's 10 times the single order, but 10 times the total history sales of the commodity.

In this regard, Huang explained that the "fake one penalty ten" and other counterfeiting policies were promoted on the basis of Taobao's counterfeiting rules, which were more stringent than other platforms. "We have been resolutely fighting against counterfeiting, and we are also working hard in technology. But it is unfair to blame all the industry problems on the three-year-old Jiduo. Please give us some time. Dada said in the media communication conference that the proportion of more business is still small. It should not be a big deal. More rules should be set up from upstream to downstream, and there is no end.

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