Obama and Biden are friends in Washington D.C.: remember to come back soon.

Obama and Biden are friends in Washington D.C.: remember to come back soon.

Original title: Obama and Biden appeared in Washington bakery, US netizens: come back!

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Former US President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden appeared at Dog Tag Bakery in Washington on July 30, local time.

For a year and a half, when this old pair of old partners reappeared in the public view, the people of the United States, who were dissatisfied with the incumbent president, Trump, had a nostalgic wind in social media: miss! Come back soon!

Dog brand bakery is a non-profit bakery, Washington Post reported. The shop helps veterans, military spouses and caregivers to re employment. Participants are required to participate in a five-month training program that rotates between the various departments of the bakery and can obtain a business management certificate upon completion.

On the 30 day, Obama and Biden both wore shirts but did not wear ties. Two people at the front table, a pleasant scene:

Obama: "what did you order?"

Biden: "I ordered this one, I don't know what they call it (whatever the hell they call it)."

Obama: "this is... I don't know what they call whatever the hell they call it?

Biden: "ham and cheese."

After a glance at the shop window, Obama said, "well, yes, it looks good."

Obama: "I think I want one too."

Biden: "give the boss one, too."

Waitress: "OK."

Before sitting down to eat, Obama jokingly said, "Chomadan."

Obama and Biden shook hands with each employee of the bakery and hugged them. Some people say that she dreams of becoming a yoga teacher one day, and Obama poses a yoga pose.

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