The wild boar on the top of Taiping mountain in Hongkong is not afraid of people flocking in the road for food.

The wild boar on the top of Taiping mountain in Hongkong is not afraid of people flocking in the road for food.

Original title: Hongkong's Taiping peak wild boar is not afraid of people flocking in the road foraging.

China and the new network, July 31, according to the Hongkong "Dagong newspaper" reported, a day ago, a huge body of Hongkong "wild boar king" with children in the garbage bin foraging, in the British social networking sites caused attention, the "wild boar king" mysterious place to become the focus. It is found in the media that the haunt of Hong Kong Island is the peak of Hong Kong Island tourists. It turned out that the area had been occupied by wild boars. Some tourists saw wild boars, took pictures close to them, and some people drove to feed wild boars. However, residents who often go to the top of the mountain to walk their dogs, as well as nearby cleaners, are afraid of being attacked by wild boars and keep away from them.

According to a report, a woman who often walks his dog on the mountaintop says she usually chooses to be in the afternoon or at dusk because of the fear of a wild boar. She said that the discovery of wild boars began more than a year ago, but she did not take it seriously at first. Later, the number of wild boars was increasing. In the morning and dusk, she had seen huge boars, or there were large groups of small groups looking for food on nearby roads. She said they were standing in front of them, not afraid of people, looking for food in the roadside garbage bin, worried that they would crash suddenly, so they wouldn't climb in the morning or evening.

A cleaning worker who collects trash from the footpaths on the top of a mountain said he had witnessed a horrible sight of wild boars digging through trash cans. When he goes to work near the jungle where wild boars live, he is on high alert, watching and listening, and if they are sleeping, he cleans up the trash quickly and leaves. A woman at the top of a mansion at the top of the mountain pointed out that they had seen wild boars in their farmlands, but they were so close to the residential area, and it was rare to go with people in a daylight day.

Another man from a foreign Dog Walker said he had seen a man in a van and put down his food to feed the wild boar. He asked why the other man did it. The man not only ignored it, but also squatted near them while the wild boar was eating food.

Wild boars are overflowing, and Xigong wild boar captain Chen criticised that some environmentalists were conserving for conservation and opposed hunting to harassment of wild boars, but they ignored the problems of wild boars. He suggested that the SAR government should re-establish wild boar hunting measures to control the number of wild boars. Yang Jiaquan, captain of the Tai Po Wild Boar Hunting Team, said that the public should learn to "coexist with humans and pigs" and suggested that designated areas should be designated for the survival of wild boars.


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