Mexico crashed 101 people, all survived 85 people injured or bad weather.

Mexico crashed 101 people, all survived 85 people injured or bad weather.

Original title: Mexico crash: 101 people survived 85 injured or bad weather

China and the new network August 1 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time in the afternoon of July 31st, a flight of 101 people, Mexico airlines, soon after the flight of hail storms, falling in northern Mexico. Fortunately, all the crew survived, and about 85 people were injured. After the crash, the fire broke out and the fire was extinguished. Airport operators said the accident may be related to bad weather conditions.

101 people all survived the crash shortly after takeoff

Mexican officials confirmed that a Mexican Airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff at about 4:30 p.m. local time on July 31. According to the briefing, there were 97 passengers and 4 crew members in the plane, a total of 101 people.

Mexico's transport minister said the plane flew from Durango to Mexico City.

Durango Governor Jose Rosas wrote on Twitter: "It has been confirmed that no one died in a flight accident numbered AM2431."

A spokesman for the Civil Defense Department in Durango, Mexico said about 85 people were injured in the plane crash.

Durango's Civil Defense Office official said, "the most serious injuries are pilots." Mexico's state health department said two passengers were in critical condition.

At the time of the accident, President Enrique Beria Nieto, the president of Mexico, said, "I pray that all the crew and all the passengers are safe and safe."

The fire was swallowed by heavy smoke

Officials in Mexico said the plane tried to take off in the hail storm, but was forced to land on an emergency landing at about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Durango airport.

He said, "the fire started after an emergency landing. Fortunately, no one was burned... Most people are not seriously injured. "

The governor of Durango said, "the plane was taking off." He added that witnesses told him there was a loud noise and the plane landed on the ground without any warning.

Television footage showed that after the plane landed in the bushes, the fuselage was seriously damaged, and a wisp of smoke rose to the sky.

The first picture of the crash site shared by social media and Mexican media showed a plane partially caught in flames.

The passengers said there was a "strange movement" when the plane took off. "That was the time when the accident happened." Dozens of lightly injured passengers left the plane, and the plane was engulfed by a thick smoke.

A spokesman for the Mexico state civil defense agency said in a local television station that the aircraft landed at an emergency distance of 10 kilometers from the airport. About 85 people were injured, and the fire caused by the accident was extinguished.

Mexico's Emergency Services Department, the army and the Red Cross are all on the scene.

A takeoff accident in a storm or related to bad weather.

Mexican officials said the plane was hit by hail during takeoff, injuring dozens of people and setting the plane on fire.

Aeroportuario Centro Norte, an operator at Durango airport, blamed the accident on bad weather conditions.

A passenger said that when the plane took off, it felt like it was hit by a strong current.

A website of the aviation industry says the Embraer 190 plane crashed in northern Mexico on Tuesday has a history of about 10 years. Planspos. net said the Brazilian mid-range aircraft had worked with two other airlines before joining the Aeromexico fleet.

Mexico Airlines said in a statement, "we deeply regret this accident."


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