China's first Malaysia coastal ship launched in Wuhan

China's first Malaysia coastal ship launched in Wuhan

According to WeChat's public number "ID:CSICNews" in July 31st, in July 31st, the first ship of the Malaysia sea mission ship was started in Shuangliu base, the Chinese ship heavy industry and military vessel group. He Jiwu, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, and Karma Ruza Man, commander of the Royal Navy of Malaysia, went to the scene and delivered speeches. Karma Ruza Man, He Jiwu, President Ramli of moshde shipyard, assistant inspector of military trade and Foreign Affairs Department of national defense Bureau, assistant of general manager of Chinese ship heavy industry, head of International Department, Secretary of Party committee of Chinese ship trade and chairman Xu Ziqiu, chairman of Chinese ship heavy industry and military vessel group and Secretary Yang Zhigang of Party committee, started cutting instruction.

In his speech, He Jiwu said that China and Malaysia have extensive and in-depth cooperation in many fields. The sea mission ship project is the first cooperation between China and Malaysia in the field of large military equipment. It is a landmark project of great significance. The project will become a top-quality project in the field of military trade, with high-quality products and services to establish a good image of "Chinese equipment" in the international market.

Karma Ruza Man said that the Chinese ship heavy industry has a strong strength in the field of naval equipment. Ma Fang attaches great importance to the cooperation relationship between the two sides, and believes that the project of the maritime mission ship will be successful.

China's classification society, Malaysia moth shipyard, China shipping heavy industry related departments and units responsible person to participate in the activities.

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On April 21, 2017, China Shipbuilding and Malaysian Mohshid Shipyard signed a contract for the Malaysian Coastal Mission Ship Project. The project is the first time that China's military trade enterprises export large military equipment to Malaysia, which is of great milestone significance. According to the project contract, China ship trade will design and build 4 maritime mission ships for the Royal Navy of Malaysia to carry out various tasks such as patrol, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, fishing and so on. The ship is designed and built according to the standard of the China ship classification society water surface ship entry level, which is designed by the Chinese ship heavy industry seven research institute. The Chinese ship heavy industry and military vessel group is responsible for the construction of the first ship, the No. two ship, the Chinese ship heavy industry and the military vessel group and the Malaysia moshde shipyard to build the number three and four ships.

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