Beijing Tianjin inter city train is now running on Fuxing train.

Beijing Tianjin inter city train is now running on Fuxing train.

Original title: Beijing Tianjin inter city train is now running for "Fuxing" train.

In August 1, 2008, the first high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour was opened and operated between Beijing and Tianjin. Over the past 10 years, more than 250 million passengers have been sent to Beijing and Tianjin. From today (August 1st), the Beijing Tianjin intercity trains are all replaced by the Fuxing train.

In August 1st, the intercity railway between Beijing and Tianjin was opened and operated 10th anniversary times between Beijing and Tianjin. According to statistics from China Railway Beijing bureau group, 250 million passengers have been transported safely between Beijing and Tianjin since its opening. The number of trains starting Daily has increased from 47 to 108.5, an increase of 126.6%. At the Wuqing Railway Station, the average daily transmission of passengers from 366 people in 2008 to the current daily average of more than 1 people, the maximum number of people on the single day is 16 thousand.

Cheng Shidong, director of the urban transportation center of the national development and Reform Commission's Comprehensive Transport Research Institute, the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway has drawn the space-time distance between Beijing and Wuqing and Tianjin. Because (Wuqing) to Beijing 20 minutes or so, to Tianjin 10 minutes, so that Beijing and Tianjin's consumption capacity in this very good embodiment.

Today, the Beijing Tianjin inter city railway is replaced by "Fuxing" train. From August 8th, the train will speed up to 350 kilometers per hour. The Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway is the first high speed railway with complete independent intellectual property rights and 350 kilometers of design speed. It is connected with the high speed rail network of Beijing, Shanghai, Jingguang, Jinbao, Jinbao and Shiji, forming a semi - hour to 1 hour "high speed rail economic circle", providing support for the cooperation of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

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