Is the beard shaving thicker and thicker than the honey? Do you have a few of these rumors

Is the beard shaving thicker and thicker than the honey? Do you have a few of these rumors

Original title: the shaving of the beard and the thicker? Honey moistening bowel movement? How many of these rumors do you recruit?

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Will the beard be shaving and thicker?

Rumor: the more and more the beard is, the darker and darker it is.

The truth

The growth of moustache is closely related to androgen. The male is about 10 years old, about ~14 years old. The first beard will break out of the soil. This is one of the signs of puberty.

But the growth of the beard is closely related to the genetic factors in addition to the male hormone. It is generally believed that the white man's beard is thicker than the men of other races. Father's beard is thick, and his son's beard will be dense. This is determined by family heredity. At the same time, the number of whiskers is also related to the development of hair follicles in the long beard area.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the size and size of the beard are determined by the distribution of androgens, genetic factors and hair follicles, but there is no significant relationship with the shave. After shaving, the beard hardens, and when the beard grows, it naturally softens.

Drinking honey can moisten the bowel and defecate?

Rumors: honey has a high medicinal value of Runchang catharsis function.

The truth

Some people are "laxative" after drinking honey because their body fructose is intolerant.

Honey contains a lot of fructose, and the absorption of fructose is slow, so after a large amount of honey, the osmotic pressure in the intestines will increase, and the water will run into the intestines, which makes the feces wet, and it is easy to pull the stomach. At the same time, because of incomplete absorption, some fructose will be converted into organic acids under the action of colonic bacteria, thereby stimulating the intestinal tract, accelerating intestinal peristalsis.

In other words, eating a large amount of any high fructose food can promote defecation; if fructose intolerance exists, the effect will be better. Therefore, for most people, the laxative effect of one cup of honey is almost the same as that of a glass of syrup.

Pork is listed as one of the ten most nutritious foods.

Rumor: of the 100 most nutritious foods selected by British scientists, fat pork is ranked eighth by the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and the availability of vitamin B and minerals.

The truth

The BBC did have the report, which came from a research paper in the Journal Plos One, but the report was misinterpreted.

In this paper, researchers ranked food according to their nutritional fitness. This nutritional fitness is not the nutritional score of a certain food, but the frequency of a food in all combinations. Because the fat pork is not only rich in fat, but also contains a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, compare the "hundred and well", so there are many frequency and high score.

That is to say, this ranking refers to which food is more suitable for a diet. When the high ranking food and other food are eaten together, it will be more likely to meet your daily nutritional requirements. So this ranking does not mean the highest ranking food ranking.

Can the aloe can be both cosmetology and anticancer?

Rumor: Aloe vera can be taken orally and applied externally, not only can beauty and moisturize skin, but also can prevent and treat a variety of diseases, including cancer.

The truth

Aloe contains a variety of bioactive ingredients, of which anthraquinones are the most studied substances, mainly in the skin and subcutaneous yellow latex of Aloe. The most typical of them is aloe vera, which can stimulate intestinal excretion, but at the same time it is also the main source of aloe toxicity. Excessive use can produce abdominal pain, diarrhea and other toxic reactions.

At present, Chinese aloe products are allowed to be used for common food only "Kuraso aloe gel", common in yogurt, beverage, dessert and so on, and its effect is similar to trehalose, carrageenan and other thickeners. However, the state stipulates that the daily consumption of Kuraso aloe gel can not exceed 30 grams, and the product must be labeled "this product is added aloe, pregnant women and infants and infants cautious", even if the compliance of aloe vera, if excessive may also have certain toxicity.

In fact, aloin has the ability to inhibit tumor cells in the study in vitro, and some people even extract and concentrate aloe vera and make drugs, claiming that they can fight cancer. But the British cancer research center, after careful evaluation, believes that there is no evidence that aloin can prevent or treat cancer. From this example, we can see that the results of in vitro experiments are often unreliable, but many businesses publicize the "efficacy" is often derived from this.

Can goldfish detect tea residue?

Rumor: A video showing goldfish being used to detect excessive pesticide residues in tea leaves shows that the experimenters put goldfish in green tea, scented tea and black tea, respectively. After the introduction of goldfish into green tea and flower tea, it didn't take long before it turned white and died. However, the golden fish in black tea has been swimming normally without any abnormalities. This is because the market green tea, flower tea contains pesticide residues, and a brand of black tea because there is no pesticide residues, in order to allow the goldfish to survive safely.

The truth

In fact, the death of the small goldfish is not related to the "pesticide residue" mentioned in the rumor. This seemingly intuitive experiment is also unable to detect whether tea contains pesticide residues. Recently, many regulators have rumor about this video.

Small goldfish in green tea, tea in the death of tea, maybe because tea contains a certain number of tea polyphenols, tea polyphenols can produce a certain stimulus to small goldfish, small goldfish can not resist. Compared with black tea, green tea and flower tea have higher tea polyphenols content, so the small goldfish reaction in green tea and flower tea may be more obvious.

Another reason for the death of small goldfish is the tea saponin produced in the tea. 茶皂素会通过破坏鱼鳃的上皮细胞进入鱼鳃血管,使细胞膜通透性发生改变,最终导致金鱼死亡。 Black tea in the golden fish escaped a robbery, is because black tea is fermented tea, in the fermentation process, tea saponin will consume a lot, but long time in black tea, goldfish may also die.

This kind of "simple experiment" popular in the circle of friends, though seemingly effective, lacks basic scientific knowledge and is not credible. The public should still refer to authoritative sources of information and be careful in marketing traps.

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