Japan's new marine security officer: resolutely deal with Chinese vessels near Diaoyu Islands

Japan's new marine security officer: resolutely deal with Chinese vessels near Diaoyu Islands

[observer network comprehensive report], according to the Japanese Kyodo News Agency reported on July 31st, Inami Shuuichi held a press conference in Inami Shuuichi, the chief of the chief of the Japanese maritime security office on the 31 day, stressed that the Chinese ships near Diaoyu Island entered the so-called "territorial sea" and other foreign ships to deal with the problem. A decisive response. "

Iwate graduated from Japan Maritime Security University, and succeeded his predecessor, Min Nakashima, to become the third officer from Japan Maritime Protection System. Yan said: "this is the first place in the official hall. I will always keep my first line of experience and experience in mind, so that staff can play a real role.

Yan also pointed out that, in addition to the Diaoyu Island police and illegal operations in the "big and heap" of the high quality fishing ground in the sea of Japan, there are "various threats such as terrorist activities". He said: "nowadays it is difficult to maintain the safety and security of the sea only by one country. I hope to cooperate with all countries. "

The rock was born in Tokyo. He served as the general secretary of the maritime security headquarters (salt kettle) and the Minister of security and rescue in the second area, and served as maritime security supervisor in April last year. On the afternoon of 31, he attended the handover ceremony of the chief executive and took the hall flag from the middle island.

In response to the issue of Diaoyu Island, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said at a regular press conference in January 26th that the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been the inherent territory of China since ancient times. China has full historical and legal basis for the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Island. What Japan has done will not alter the objective fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. China is determined to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.

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