The US military forces in Japan have been repeatedly involved in the wrath. They are angry.

The US military forces in Japan have been repeatedly involved in the wrath. They are angry.

Onodera Inori, the Japanese defense minister, confirmed in July 27th that a military helicopter's window in Japan fell in the US Army's heavy wood base and did not cause casualties. The "exposure rate" of the "missing parts" problem of the U.S. military aircraft in Japan has been a bit more frequent for some time. This "machine window" falls into the "home territory" of the American army, which is very fortunate for the Japanese people who have been worried.

Kyodo cited a number of relatively bad precedents in recent events. On December 7, 2017, parts of a U.S. CH-53E helicopter crashed into the roof of a nursery when several children were playing inside. In December 13, 2017, another American CH-53E "part air raid" was replaced by a primary school playground, where the crash site was only 10 meters from 54 pupils in the course of physical education.

Fortunately, the two incidents did not cause casualties, but the protests caused by it were higher than a wave. The Japanese people have always been "bold in their words", and the Japanese government in recent years also seems to have changed the "words of the words" in the past events involving American forces, and become more daring to be "angry" with the US forces.

In the face of Japan's "anger" and "protest", it seems that the American army has been infected by the Japanese "apology culture", and the response to such events is quite "positive". Every time it is near the conditional "sincere apology", and the "never again" guarantee, but it does not seem to have changed from the effect. Do you.

The "machine window air raid", the frequent explosion of "noise bombing" and the earlier F-16's ultra low air raid of less than 70 meters in the residential area could be "prevarication" in the case of "accident" and the strengthening of War Reserve to protect Japan. And this kind of "accident" in Japan is also responsible for helping the American army to recover, most of which can be "reimbursed" in the "decent budget" of Japan.

According to the Japanese Ministry of defense statistics, as of the 10 year of 2013, the military aircraft fall involved in the Japanese army and the traffic accidents caused by American soldiers, soldiers' families, sexual crimes, and so on are at least 10 thousand, and the Japanese government's compensation for the victims is at least 380 million yen.

But as the Japanese government does not have the right to govern US military aircraft, the Japanese government, in addition to its anger and protest, does not have a very good way to face the "habitual offender" in Japan.

According to Okinawa police statistics, from the United States to the end of 2015 in 1972, Okinawa was returned to Japan by the end of 2015. There were 5896 criminal cases in the military or American military bases in Okinawa. In all cases, 9.7% of the cases of murder and rape were found.

For example, in 2016, the military and civilian personnel of the Okinawa jiamanna base (former Marine Corps) killed and threw up a corpse, and the Okinawa county magistrate ran to the prime minister's official residence to "visit", and asked the president of the United States, Obama, to protest against Japan, and to revise the Japanese American status agreement "extraterritorial jurisdiction".

Japan's parliament also had members in the questioning Abe, said that the U. S. military oppression of Japan, rather than say that the Japan-U. S. status agreement oppressed the Japanese constitution. Foreign media commented on the atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq and other war zones, saying that extraterritoriality is an important reason for them to lose their "rationality". There are similar attributes in the US Army's "disaster related ills".

According to the global fire index, Japan has been the top 10 of the world's top 10 military power (eighth of the year in 2017), and the defense budget has also achieved a "7 rise" this year, but Japan is still unable to get rid of its defense dependence on the United States, especially the "nuclear umbrella" in the United States.

This is also Trump's demand for increased military spending in Japan, although Japan's contribution ratio is already the highest in its allies. In 2004, The Pentagon reported that Japan's U.S. military force was 74.5%, far higher than Germany's 32.6% and South Korea's 40%.

Whether it is to safeguard the "privileged status" of the superpowers, or to guarantee the so-called "military morale", for the overseas personnel to commit crimes, the US Army is afraid that it is difficult to achieve fair and fair disposal. For a long time in the future, Japanese people still have to endure the "noise bombardment" of "air bombardment" by American forces, and even criminal offences.

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