Trump, the former campaign manager, is an aesthetical prosecutor: a "smart" liar.

Trump, the former campaign manager, is an aesthetical prosecutor: a

Aug. 1, overseas network, local time on July 31, Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manaford financial crime trial officially opened. At the beginning of the trial, prosecutors described mana Ford as a "smart" liar and pointed out that he lived a luxurious life. This case is the first trial after the special prosecutor Robert Miller presided over the investigation of "Tong Russia gate", but it will not mention the related content of "Tong Russia" by mana Ford. The related trial will last for several weeks.

At the beginning of the trial on the 31st, prosecutors called former Trump campaign chairman Manaford a "smart" liar, CNN and CNN reported. Miller Asonye, the Miller team's prosecutor, said that mana Ford's extravagant lifestyle was driven by the "secret income" of tens of millions of dollars that he had lobbying in Ukraine, but he carefully planned to hide the income and avoid paying taxes on it.

"All these accusations come down to a simple question. Mana Ford is lying," Asani said. To prove the luxury consumption habit of Trump's former campaign manager, Asani told the jury that mana Ford had a $15000 custom jacket, a $21000 watch and a luxury car. According to introduction, mana Ford also owns several properties and has invested in real estate in New York and Virginia. This does not coincide with his tax revenue.

On the other hand, Zehnal (Thomas Zehnle), the defense lawyer for mana Ford, blamed the case on part of the case on the Ukraine oligarchy and the business partner who had served the defendant. As the prosecutor pointed out that mana Ford had concealed 30 foreign bank accounts from the US authorities, Zehnal called it "the politicians in Ukraine asked him to do it."

In addition, Zener satirized former Manaford deputy Gates, who had pleaded guilty to cooperating with the prosecution, as "the prosecution's star witness". The defendant's lawyer also told the jury that his team planned to blame Gates for all the crimes committed by the government about mana Ford.

Mana Ford was the Trump team's campaign manager from June 2016 to August, but was forced to resign after 3 months' attention to the relationship with former president Yanukovich of Ukraine. In July 2017, FBI searched his house for "Tong man gate" investigation. In October 2017, Miller was charged with more than 10 charges on suspicion of conspiring for money laundering, not registered for foreign agents, bank fraud and inaccurate tax returns, but he refused to plead guilty.

According to the US media, the case attracted much attention because it was the first lawsuit since Special Prosecutor Miller's "Tong Rumen" investigation was launched. The trial will not focus on the Trump campaign with Russia, but the case of mana Ford is widely seen as a test of the credibility of the Miller survey, while Trump has always claimed that the investigation is "political persecution". (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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