China's electromagnetic ejection rocket technology breakthrough, general master once asked Ma Weiming for advice.

China's electromagnetic ejection rocket technology breakthrough, general master once asked Ma Weiming for advice.

Personage file

Han Junli was born in September 1965 in Shenqiu, Henan. He is a researcher at a research institute in Beijing. He has been engaged in the research and development of field rocket weaponry for a long time, and the multi-type field rocket weaponry system has become the main battle firepower equipment of the Army.

"August 1st" Army Day is approaching, which is one of the most important days of the year for Han Xiuli, a researcher at an Army Research Institute in Beijing.

Recently, the famous field rocket scientist is busy with his ideas - combining electromagnetic ejection technology with field rocket technology to develop an electromagnetic ejection field rocket weapon system.

"At present, the research and development of electromagnetic launch field rocket weapon system has made substantial progress." In an interview with the Science and Technology Daily on July 26, Han said that celebrating the great festival of the people's army must bear in mind that "although the world is safe, forgetting the war will be in danger". Defending peace requires not only ideals and beliefs but also spirit of sword. We should integrate innovative ideas and innovative technologies into the R & D of field rockets, and forge the "long sword" belonging to the Chinese army.

Determined to develop independently and introduce the concept of firing accuracy.

"There are so many similarities between scientific research and walking. Only when you encounter difficulties and obstacles can your potential and courage be stimulated." Han Junli said.

Field rockets are famous for their fierce and intensive firepower. Military powers around the world are trying to make them a "sword" in land warfare. Long before taking part in the work, Han Junli had been baptized by the fires of war, and had seen the power of our country's imitation of the field rocket gun on the battlefield.

In 1997, Han Jun rilly came to a research institute in the army and entered the field of army equipment research, and participated in the research and development of a new field rocket weapon system. At this time, the domestic field rocket has passed the stage of introduction and imitation, and is in the stage of exploring independent research and development.

"I remember, at the beginning of the demonstration of a new type of rocket weapon system, the relevant units had considered the direct introduction of advanced foreign technology to shorten the R & D cycle as soon as possible, but finally did not see any drawings and plans." As a result, Han Junli gradually understood that the core technology was not introduced, and that the core technology could only be mastered by himself, and any military power would not easily send the cutting-edge technology to people. He swore, "we must create a field rocket with China's own intellectual property rights."

When firing artillery, the fighters will set various parameters on the weapon. These parameters are called firing variables. In order to improve firing accuracy, the firing data of artillery are corrected by means of forward observation. In the demonstration of the technical feasibility of a new type of rocket weapon system, Han Junli changed the traditional artillery to seek only the shooting intensity, and boldly cancelled the frontier observation and introduced the concept of shooting precision. In his view, only by establishing the concept of the firing precision of the rocket gun and realizing the accurate shooting directly, the operational effectiveness of the new field rocket weapon system can be brought into play.

Promoted by him, the Ballistic Task Force was established at the beginning of the research and development of the weapon system, specializing in studying and solving the problem of firing accuracy. The establishment of the special ballistic group marks the formal establishment of the concept of firing accuracy in the field of field rocket research in China. After solving the problem of precision, Han Xiuli boldly put forward the method of "one-shot tuning, multi-point attack", which is another innovation.

To collect first-hand data, climb up a fire burning tank.

With the rapid development and application of a large number of high and new technology represented by guidance technology and electronic information technology, the ability of the artillery's remote precision strike has been greatly improved, and the artillery has transformed from the past firepower support to the firepower main combat. As the backbone equipment of artillery long-range precision strike and fire assault, field rocket plays a special role in the long-range suppressive fire system of our army.

The famous German military theorist Clausewitz once defined war as "war is to subdue violence with violence."

Han Junli agrees with it. He gave an example of two people fighting, whose arms long and fist hard, who can take advantage. Field rockets greatly enrich the Army's means of firepower, increase range, improve precision, and can strike the enemy hard and accurately.

If you want to hit accurately and ruthlessly, high precision and long range alone is not enough, but also need to improve the impact intensity, which will test the ability of ammunition.

The new intelligent smart ammunition is a new type of ammunition which is different from the traditional ammunition. It is also one of the important ammunitions used by the field rocket.

In the development of a new smart smart ammunition, Han Junli led the team to organize the first field rocket damage test to date the first domestic and even the world to attack the target of the real tank cluster. In Gobi, a rocket flew to the falling bomb area. In this experiment, the new smart ammunition demonstrated strong combat capability.

At the end of the attack, Han Junli rushed to the dropping area with his team members. In order to collect first-hand test data, they climbed the burning tank, camouflage shoes were hot rubber soles were soft, issued a pungent burning smell.

At the trial celebration, when everyone cheered, Han Junli sat silently in the corner and weeping. After returning from the testing ground, Han had no time to rest. He led the team to work overtime for more than ten consecutive days, sorting out more than 100,000 words of reporting materials.

In recent years, Han Junli has led the team to win 23 invention patents in tackling innovative topics such as box type field rockets. At the same time, they succeeded in breaking through a series of key technologies of field rocket, making the overall performance of our country's field rocket greatly improved.

Talking in the light of light and contributing to transboundary research

At present, a new generation of field rockets, led by Han Junli, is about to emerge, that is, the electromagnetic ejection rocket weapon system. This new achievement integrates China's rocket technology and electromagnetic ejection technology to achieve cross-border research.

How did Han Junli "cross the border"? Things have to be told from the beginning of 2017.

At that time, Han Junli went to Wuhan to investigate and pay a visit to academician Ma Weiming, who is known as "the father of electromagnetic launch in China".

When talking to Ma Weiming, Han Junli suddenly flashed and asked, "the academician, since the electromagnetic ejection technology can ejected dozens of tons of aircraft, can the projectile be ejected? Let the rocket get a very high initial speed at the take-off stage. Ma Weiming thought for a moment and answered, "you can try. You should be able to."

In this way, the idea that never existed in the history of a field rocket was born. At present, the electromagnetic launch rockets have made significant technological breakthroughs, and the following development plans are becoming reality.

In addition to cross-border, Han Junli has also staged a "rainy day" good play.

Owing to the harsh geographical conditions, the national defense in the plateau area is faced with many difficulties. After a border incident, the military security situation of the southwest plateau has aroused renewed concern.

At this time, Han Junli handed over a map of the field rocket plateau, which was painted by himself. The drawing was marked with the deployment of the military and equipment of the related countries, and marked the range, precision, coverage area and the amount of accurate data of the field rocket in the plateau. The exactor always exclaimed: Han Jun Li was ready.

Many years ago, Han Junli went to the plateau to carry out the field rocket adaptability test, conducted in-depth field investigation and investigation, organized scientific research team to study and analyze the related problems. He pondered over how the military intervention of the southwest plateau was out of control when there was a sudden incident.

Han Junli told the science and Technology Daily reporter: "the plateau mountain area accounts for about 26% of our country's land area, and the field rockets can effectively solve the problems of logistics and maneuver in the traditional channel battle. Without going through mountains and rivers, a field rocket can destroy any invasive force within hundreds of square kilometers.

At the end of the interview, Han Junli told the science and Technology Daily: "in recent years, in several local wars, the field Rockets have once again been brilliant, showing the influence of the development of the battlefield. In modern warfare, field Rockets will show the power of long-range enemy formation, precision strike and high efficiency damage. "

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