Domestic chickens eat insects for a long time. The old chicken is injured by pecking.

Domestic chickens eat insects for a long time. The old chicken is injured by pecking.

Original title: domestic chickens eat insects for a long time to become "poisonous chicken". The elderly living alone are amputated by pecking injuries: they draw three tubes of blood stasis.

The children are not at home, the old people live alone, especially the loss of energy half loss of the elderly to appear untimely, in the case of the professional rescue workers did not arrive, the nearest assistant to you will come to your side care, this is the new mode of home care service promoted in Yubei District. This new model builds an information service platform covering the districts and towns, builds a nursing home without walls, so that the elderly can live at home to provide for the elderly more comfortable.

Home care service saved the life

Wu Maohua, an old man who lived in the old town of Yubei District, saved his life at a critical moment.

In May this year, one day at noon, Wu Maohua old man was fainted by the chicken Peck and fainted on the roadside. The old man Zhou Quanfu saw that the old man's knee was swollen and the injury was serious. Zhou Quanfu immediately got in touch with the call center. The call center supervisor contacted 120 of the old people's families and village cadres. Village cadres learned the news, quickly went to the scene, by 120 of the elderly escorted to the Yubei District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor emergency rescue, three tubes of blood stasis, the old man's legs to keep. After diagnosis, the old man was poisoned by a poisonous chicken pecking at his thigh. The poisonous chicken was raised by Wu Maohua old man and kept for 6 years. The doctor said that the old man was poisoned because the chickens had been eating insects for a long time and had been poisoned. If the old man came late, I would be amputated. The relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yubei District is introduced.

The elderly Wu Maohua's home care service is the new mode of home care service that Yubei District has explored in March this year. The radiation range involves all the elderly, such as the low insurance, the special difficulties, the loss of energy and the age of the old age of the two towns of all streets and Zi bamboo and ancient road.

Combination of online and offline pension

Research shows that 90% of the elderly prefer home care mode, so how to develop home care? Relevant personnel of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yubei District introduced that the neighborhood mutual assistance service mode was adopted for the scattered and poverty-stricken elderly living in remote rural areas. The old man usually lives near the old man. Once the emergency occurs, it starts emergency rescue immediately, raises the prescription of rescue and rescue, and lets these special old people enjoy the safety and convenience brought by the home care service.

It is understood that the Yubei District home care service center provides the elderly with a positioning function for the elderly mobile phone, the elderly only press SOS key to put forward service demand, command and dispatching center to send work orders according to the needs of the elderly, staff home service, service confirmation to service tracking, service evaluation, quality. The whole workflow is completed through the network management platform. The elderly can enjoy home service through a single point, which greatly improves the efficiency of the service for the aged, meets the desire of the elderly to live at home, and also promotes the transformation of the traditional old-age mode into a modern old-age mode relying on the "Internet +".

Professional old people cover the whole area

According to the introduction, the special mobile phone provided for the elderly not only has the positioning function, but also provides the services including emergency rescue, positioning service, active care, life information consultation, psychological comfort and so on. With this mobile phone, the elderly can also call the elderly assisting door-to-door help, bathing, cleaning, helping the emergency, helping the doctor and helping the business. "In order to better serve the elderly, we are now equipped with more than 70 assistants who have undergone pre-employment professional training." Relevant responsible person of Yubei District Civil Affairs Bureau said that these elderly people actively carry out door-to-door visits, information collection and mobile phone delivery services. When the old man is in need, he presses the key and twisting the nearest assistant.

It is reported that the Yubei District Civil Affairs Bureau issued the "Yubei District home care service implementation plan", which makes a clearer definition of the people, the standard of subsidy and the form of service for the home care service. According to the principle of "base - based, voluntary, and nurturing market", a 100% proportion of home care services for the elderly and empty nest elderly in the pilot area, the elderly among the scattered and specially stricken people, and the older people over 100 years old and above are purchased. For the elderly people who have no family conditions that are not so difficult, 50% of the elderly people who are 60 years old and above the empty nest families and 80 years old and above the empty nest old people or the disabled people can buy a 50% proportion of home care service. "By means of government purchasing services, 50 yuan per person per month of information services and 119.3 yuan (4 hours) of services for the elderly in the jurisdiction area are provided." The relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yubei District is introduced.

According to statistics, since the operation of the home care center in northern Chongqing, more than 5000 people have been provided offline services for the elderly, and 1738 mobile phones for the elderly have been distributed.

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