Direct attack Chuan biography Ali for hungry for $3 billion financing official did not comment.

Direct attack Chuan biography Ali for hungry for $3 billion financing official did not comment.

Sina Technology News on the morning of August 1st news, there are foreign media reports that Ali is hungry for 3 billion dollars to seek a new round of financing, Alibaba and hungry are not comment on this.

In April of this year, Alibaba jointly purchased the ant gold suit for a total purchase price of $9 billion 500 million. Hungry, founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao, chairman of the Alibaba, vice president of Alibaba group, Wang Lei?

Before, we have been hungry in the Baidu takeout bag, the takeout market became the support of Ali and Tencent supported by the US regiment, as well as the drop of a drop in the game.

It is worth noting that the US delegation submitted its application to Hong Kong IPO in June. The prospectus reveals that the main source of income of the US group is three parts: Catering takeaway, wine shop and new business. Among them, food and beverage take-out revenue increased from 4.3% in 2015 to 40.8% in 2016, and further increased to 62% in 2017, exceeding the proportion of restaurants and hotels for the first time.

Ali was one of the important shareholders of the American Corps. After the merger of the American Corps and the public comment, the company turned to Tencent, and the relationship between Ali and the American Corps began to hostile. When Ali bought hungry, he began to increase his support for hunger.

At the beginning of July, we were hungry to announce the start of the "summer campaign". CEO Wang Lei announced at the start of the conference that it was starving to be the core platform of the new retail era, and the next 2 months would invest billions of yuan to improve the catering system. Later, foreign media further reported that the figure was 443 million yuan (3 billion yuan). "Ali's determination is hungry confidence." Wang Lei said.

Last month, foreign media reported that hungry mothers were seeking a new round of $2 billion in financing, hungry mothers said at the time did not comment.

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