Trump before the presidential election trial defense: prosecutors key witnesses guilty

Trump before the presidential election trial defense: prosecutors key witnesses guilty

Original title: Trump before the election for chairman of the trial defense: prosecutors key witnesses guilty

BEIJING, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) comprehensive report, U. S. President Trump's former campaign team chairman Manaford financial crime trial officially opened on July 31. On the same day, 12 jurors and 4 candidate members were first identified, and the vacant plea in front of the court set the case in front of the court, which laid a tight tone for the highly respected court trial.

According to reports, in the opening speech, prosecutors described mana Ford as a "smart" liar. Asani, the prosecutor of the special prosecutor Miller team, said the "luxurious and extravagant lifestyle" of mana Ford was driven by the tens of millions of dollars "secret income" he made in Ukraine, but he carefully planned to hide the income and avoid paying taxes on it.

"All these allegations boil down to a simple question -- Paul mana Ford lies." Asani said.

In order to prove the luxurious consumption habits of mana Ford, A-Sun provided specific details. According to introduction, mana Ford also owns several properties and has invested in real estate in New York and Virginia. This is very inconsistent with his tax revenue.

Zehnal, the defendant's defense lawyer, blamed the case on a part of the case in Ukraine 's "oligarchy" in the case, and mana Ford worked for them, and they were business partners. Prosecutors said earlier that mana Ford had concealed 30 foreign bank accounts against the US authorities. In response, he argued that "oligarchs" asked mana Ford to do so.

For former Manaford deputy Gates, who has pleaded guilty to cooperating with the prosecution, Zener satirized him as "the prosecution's star witness". Zehnal told the jury that his team planned to blame Gates for all the crimes the government accused of mana Ford.

Zehnal said that mana Ford's "trust in Gates is wrong". Gates found himself in a legal dilemma, he said, because he had embezzled millions of dollars from long-term employers.

The defense also plans to use witnesses to make Gates's lies and misappropriation of public funds. Zener gave a list of defense witnesses, including internal bookkeepers at Manaford and bank clerks and accountants handling Manaford accounts. He tried to prove by them that mana Ford did not deliberately conceal his foreign accounts and revenues.

A-Sun recorded the situation of the defence witness and told the jury that they would like to hear the testimony of the bookkeeper.

Mana Ford was accused of filing false tax returns, failing to report foreign bank accounts and deceiving several banks. If convicted, these serious financial crimes may be sentenced to 300 years' imprisonment. But he refused to plead guilty.

Manna Ford formally joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 and was appointed as chairman in May. He resigned in August of the year after being lobbied by the media for the government of Ukraine and the pro - Russian parties. Although the charges against Manaford by Miller's office are not directly related to "Tongomen", it is possible that he was involved in the Trump campaign.


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