Some P2P net loan platform funds have gone to the experts: watch out for fake P2P

Some P2P net loan platform funds have gone to the experts: watch out for fake P2P

Source: the voice of China

According to the news of the Chinese voice. Recently, the P2P net loan industry is ushering in a new round of major adjustment. The boss is running on the road, the staff report and so on, from the unknown small platform to the more than 100 billion scale of the net loan agencies; from the investors of the platform to the borrower of the loan platform, the whole circle has been in trouble. So, where is the problem? Where should the whole industry go?

According to media statistics, since June, the online lending industry has been exploding problems, reaching a climax in July, more than 200 platforms have gone wrong in the first 25 days. Some owners run on the road, and some have difficulties. In July 18th, Shanghai's Fortune Cat platform announced that the platform business had to be suspended because of the overdue cooperation of many assets, which affected the normal operation of the platform. But they promised "no running, no loss."

But behind the promise is the Xue Liang control of the actual controller of the Shanghai police who will try to run the road. At present, the users of the rich cat are anxiously expecting the platform to give them a statement.

Ms. He, an investor, told VOA that she now has more than 400,000 people who can't find them: I stumbled on the Internet. Because at that time P2P burst a lot of thunder, but later is that a part of the enterprise is supported by the state, and then it has a legitimate qualification, and its reputation is very good, I two days in the preparation of materials, and then to Shanghai, to the police to report, how to say it, very distressing to the people, Because after all, we have accumulated so much in our lives that we want to improve our lives.

The platform for problem solving is also not optimistic. P2P, who recently appeared to have problems, announced a return plan, but it never explained where the money went.

Investor Xiao Li said: He let us ask questions before the proposal, we asked a total of 36 questions, and then the plan came out immediately. We wanted him to answer where the money had gone, but he said it would be made public if needed, but it hasn't been made public yet.

When the repayment plan was announced, investors were not happy. They found that they could not get much money, and even had to pay it back through debt-to-equity swaps. Xiaoli questioned, the platform has been poured out, and what is the significance of this share?

Investors Xiao Li said: the first 50% requirements for November only cash, only to cash 50% of 1%, that is, investment one million, according to the base of 50 million, the first can only return to 1%, that is 5000 yuan. The latter 50% requires payment after three years, not cash, but into a joint-stock system, in case of a joint-stock system, if he loses money, we still have no money.

For most platforms, it is only a dream to get the principal back in full, and it is hard to cash in. More platform investors are even facing the outcome that may be lost. Data from the Internet Loan House show that since 2018, 236 P2P lending platforms have experienced cash difficulties, liquidation, the actual control of the runway and other risk events. In the first half of July, the P2P risk event involved a principal repayment of more than 40 billion yuan.

Ye Daqing, vice president of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Association, sorted out that there are three main types of online lending platforms for recent risk incidents.

Ye Daqing said to the voice of China: the number of platforms in this kind of problem accounts for about 80% of the unregulated behavior such as self finance, false mark, current time, capital pool and so on. These platforms can not be actually a true compliance P 2 P or may be said to be false P 2 P. The second type of problem platforms account for about 10% of the total. These platforms have weak risk control capabilities on the loan side or the asset side. In the third category, their problems are mainly called term mismatches, and recently there have been some liquidity crises due to the withdrawal of investors.

And why did these three situations come together in the 6 and July time points? Guo Tianyong, director of the research center of the Chinese banking industry at the Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that the industry norms of net loans in the past few years are not completely in place, and the successively cleaning and rectifying have made more problem platforms exposed.

Guo Tianyong said to the voice of China: the net loan market has indeed existed some foundations, supervision and industry wind control themselves are not in place, so a large number of platforms are constantly emerging, but the time has long, there must be some platform problems.

In the current environment, more and more borrowers take the initiative to overdue, and even the maliciously incited investors to incite investors to expire the payment, but also lead to the spread of violence. Students who use the 704 school loan have encountered the dilemma of "paying back and not recognizing". In accordance with the provisions of the loan, the students will be repaid by the part-time job provided by the platform. However, the students reflect that the part-time job on the platform is less and less, and the loans are facing the problems that have not yet finished. Some students said that they had finished the loan, but the platform did not record, and they still urged money through telephone, door-to-door and so on. Huang said: All repayments, but there is no record in their place, and then they will call us and urge us to say that we have not finished. There are some overdue dates. Then I said I had done it, and then they said that the backstage registration was incorrect, and there was no phone call until I received the court summons.

In addition to the court summons, some students also received personal threats, debt collection companies kept calling them, and even began to threaten personal.

The classmate said: he told me today that he wanted to pay more than 3000, and tomorrow he became more than 4000. Then he threatened us with letters in the beginning, and then he said he wanted to come to the school to find us. It was a personal threat. He said he was a black society. He also knew a lot of people, he knew where we lived, and then we sent our identity to our school.

In addition to the parties, the debt collection company even obtained the debtor's address book through APP, one by one according to the address book phone harassment, people can not afford to be disturbed.

Mr. Huang in Shandong has received a lot of harassment messages because of his friends' debts. Mr. Huang said: it is to send text messages, what birth and death, and so on, curse you next year, the name of my friend's name, number do not know, every time change, you look at this short message, pretty nauseous.

The money borrowed by the creditor is not back to worry, the debtor also has the money to be depressed, the unrelated people because of the debt "lying in the gun", the recent P2P net loan industry?

The Guangzhou ritual wealth, which was recently referred to by the boss, once led into various associations with layers of halo, rating agency a, and led a sudden run on the road in July of this year. The Guangzhou Internet Financial Association, who is familiar with the situation, will tell the reporter that not only the investors, but the employees of rite company are also cheated: "the company is the boss running." Their employees were in, executives, finance, and wind control. All these people were in, and they put in about ten million of them themselves, and the most invested departments I asked were the finance department and the wind control department. Without any sign, I ran away.

According to Fang, the P2P model has been a long time since its popularity, but the national regulation and licensing have been "wolves", and several times have not been seen. During this period, the rectification is not in place, and the rectification is not cheap, and the violation of P2P is becoming more and more crazy.

Mr. Fang said, "this groping process is a bit long and a lack of confidence, especially in this wave, which is still very big." In fact, there is a general consensus that if qualified, or to go to the record, or approval, so that the entire industry can see the example.

In the industry, there are many companies looking forward to the arrival of supervision, a financial company executive said that supervision can allow honest and trustworthy enterprises to follow, let the industry in the current Li Gui.

A financial company executive said: some are not real P2P, but Ponzi scheme. Their tendency to borrow is uncertain, and the loan contract is opaque. Others may be relatively small platforms with less experience in wind control and operation. I think this is a process of continuous purification of the whole industry and the drive of "bad money" being expelled. As our regulatory objectives and norms continue to be clear, the specific details of regulation are constantly clear, I believe the industry as a whole compliance platform will become increasingly prominent.

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