Man riding motorcycles on high speed in the early morning retrograde himself claiming to "perform confidential tasks"

Man riding motorcycles on high speed in the early morning retrograde himself claiming to

Original title: man in the morning motorcycles motorcycles on high-speed retrograde claiming to "perform confidential tasks"

At about 4:30 in the early morning of July 28th, the high speed law enforcement personnel received a call from the monitoring center, saying that one person was driving a motorcycle in the WAN Kai high speed, and the situation was very crisis.

After receiving the notice, the law enforcement officers immediately drove to the incident section to intercept the motorcycle. According to the possible direction of motorcycles, law enforcement officers found a motorcycle running on the high speed road before Zhao Jia charging station. During the inspection, the law enforcement officer found that the man could not produce his motorcycle driving license and driver's license except for his identity card.

When the law enforcement team asked why motorists were on high speed and retrograde, the driver called himself "performing the task", and what task confidentiality was not easily disclosed. Through further communication, the motorcyclists were not in the spirit of Tai Zhengchang.

In response to this situation, the law enforcement officers called the district police station, about 20 minutes, police station police arrived at the scene, through multiple investigation and contact with their families to confirm their mild mental retardation. Finally, the law enforcement officers handed over the motorcycles and drivers to the police of the police station of Zhao Jia Zhen. Further investigation and treatment.

Source: Chongqing network radio and television station

Editor in responsibility: Wu Jinming

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