Women's breast found that the left and right asymmetry refused to pay the result of the photos were sent relatives

Women's breast found that the left and right asymmetry refused to pay the result of the photos were sent relatives

Original title: Jingmen women loans ten thousand yuan breast dissatisfaction effect stopped lending, the results were photos of group relatives

Chu Tian Metropolis News (reporter machda Intern Luo Xuerui) women loan breast surgery, dissatisfied with the effect of surgery to stop the loan, the results of their photos and debt information were sent to relatives and friends. Yesterday, Ms. Yang came to Wuhan from Jingshan, hoping to solve this problem.

Ms. Yang introduced that she was from Jingshan, and the child was 12 years old. In April of this year, she searched the Internet for plastic surgery. After comparison, I saw a beauty hospital in Wuhan. At the end of April, she came to the hospital, because the money was not enough, the staff said they could choose the loan, the hospital and the loan company had cooperation, and the loan company also sent people to the hospital. So, Ms. Yang signed a loan contract, 13.8 million yuan breast surgery, Ms. Yang only need to pay 2,000 yuan down payment, the remaining 11.8 million six months in installments.

After completing the operation in the hospital, Miss Yang returned to his home in Jingshan, and then dismantled the line. Ms. Yang said that after removing the stitches, she found that the two breasts were asymmetrical, and it was not convenient to swing her left arm. In late May, she came to Wuhan to make a refund to the hospital, and the hospital refused.

Ms. Yang said she paid the loan on time in the first two months after the operation. On the 23 th of this month, she did not repay the money. As a result, the loan company sent people frequently to call for debt. "They don't know where they got my friends'and relatives' cell phone numbers, sent them my pictures, and reminders."

Chu Tian Metropolitan Daily reporter saw that the photo was taken with the lender when Ms. Yang went through the loan formalities, in which the lender's face hit a mosaic. The SMS content of the debt service is: "please check, Yang XX, Ren buy cosmetic surgery installment payment has been seriously overdue, please deal with it immediately."

Ms. Yang said she was dissatisfied with the effect of the operation, and her father, brother, as well as a number of relatives and friends have received reminders.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter accompanied Ms. Yang to the beauty hospital, the relevant person in charge of the hospital said that before the operation, Ms. Yang had signed the book, and there was a reminder that the breasts on both sides could not be guaranteed to be exactly the same. In the case of MS Yang, the hospital can be adjusted for free within two years, or even for an operation, but Ms. Yang is not willing to do so. As for Ms. Yang's debt collection, it is a loan company's behavior and has nothing to do with the hospital.

Because Miss Yang insisted on a refund, and the hospital believes that their operation is no problem, the two sides failed to reach a consensus. Lawyer Chen Liang of Hubei Dianheng Law Firm believes that if the lender obtains the contact form of Ms. Yang's relatives and friends through illegal means, his act is suspected of being illegal.

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